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DON´T PANIC! Beginners Workshop. September 14th / 6PM

Hello modular newbies!

September 14th, 6pm, we’re holding a workshop for modular beginners in our beloved showroom.Our goal is that you can confidently make your own first patch afterwards and have a good time. And also meet likeminded people!Although we are nerds we won’t get too technical.  Along the way we will show you basic patch techniques, the workings of our showroom as well as tell you some stories about the history of (modular) synths and the ever evolving Eurocrack scene.

Starts at 6pm / Kotti above REWE (use the door at rewe and upstairs knock louder )

Workshop is limited to 12 participants, so..
>>>     Please write Thomas for confirmation:

See you there!!!

P-A-T-C-H-I-N-G! a workshop with benjamin /August 24th / 6pm

sugar2Dear modular synthesizer enthusiasts!

In this workshop we will explore some basic patching of cv and audio feedback loops -> no master clock!


Starts at 6pm / Kotti above REWE (ring bell: schneidersladen)

Workshop is limited to 15 participants, so..

>>> Please write for confirmation Benjamin : directly now !!! <<<

See you there!!!  the schneidersladen showroom team

P-A-T-C-H-I-N-G! a workshop with jessica / July 27th/6pm

jessy 2Dear modular synthesizer enthusiasts!  July 27th, 6pm, our Jessica is inviting everybody for a patch session in our beloved and once again rearranged showroom!

Some prerequisite knowledge about modular synths surely will help. But even more this event is not about nerdy tech talk – it will be a patch session together with and for you. About he immediate fun and magic of these sometimes mysterious blinking and always sound spitting machines.

Jessica will show you various types of synthesis, like subtractive, granular and frequency modulation, several ways of programming rhythms with sequencers and clock dividers, playing sequencers and various ways of composing music on a Modular Synthesizer and more!

Starts at 6pm / Kotti above REWE (ring bell: schneidersladen)

Workshop is limited to 15 participants, so..
>>> Please write for confirmation Jessi : directly now !!! <<<

See you there!!!   the schneidersladen showroom team

DON´T PANIC! Beginners Workshop. July 13th / 6PM

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horscatHello!  July 13th, 6pm, we’re holding a workshop for modular beginners in our beloved showroom. Our goal is that you can confidently make your own first patch afterwards and have a good time. Although we are nerds we won’t get too technical.  Along the way we will show you basic patch techniques as well as tell you some stories about the history of (modular) synths and the Eurocrack scene.

Starts at 6pm / Kotti above REWE (ring bell: schneidersladen)

Workshop is limited to 12 participants, so..
>>> Please write for confirmation: directly now !!! <<<

See you there!!!   The schneidersladen showroom team


Tangerine Dream weekend in Berlin start 23/June/2017

TD_Poster_170623_RIXDORF_plainIn the 1970s Ballhaus Rixdorf (previously known as Weltfilmbühne or Rixi) once was a rehearsal space for Berlin bands such as Ton Steine Scherben, Karthago and also Tangerine Dream.
Due to a lucky coincidence of events we’ve been presented with the opportunity to return to this historically important location for a special concert.
Besides classics from the band’s catalogue Tangerine Dream will also perform a long instant composition based on the improvisation techniques of the 1970s.
Additionaly, on 24/06/2017 there’s also going to be a Tangerine Dream performance as part of the Berlin museum for musical instruments’ (‘Berliner Musikinstrumentenmuseum’) ‘Good Vibrations’ exhibition.
Since tickets sold out for this event after less than a few hours we’re now even happier to have the opportunity to offer tickets for the Ballhaus Rixdorf event on friday 23rd of june here !

Capacity is limited to 400 spaces – so, please don’t hesitate and book now!

A Tangerine Dream weekend in Berlin:

23/06/2017 Tangerine Dream
Ballhaus Rixdorf

24/06/2017 Tangerine Dream
Berliner Musikinstrumentenmuseum

25/06/2017 Quaeschning & Schnauss
Berliner Musikinstrumentenmuseum
2x Workshops: Modulare Synthesizersysteme, subtraktive Synthese, Step Sequencing
2pm + 3.30pm

Concert (Synthwaves)

DON´T PANIC! Beginners Workshop. June 8th / 6PM

darth cat


June 8th, 6pm, we’re holding a workshop for modular beginners in our beloved showroom. Our goal is that you can confidently make your own first patch afterwards and have a good time. Although we are nerds we won’t get too technical.  Along the way we will show you basic patch techniques as well as tell you some stories about the history of (modular) synths and the Eurocrack scene.
Starts at 6pm / Kotti above REWE (ring bell: schneidersladen)

Workshop is limited to 12 participants, so..
>>> Please write for confirmation: directly now !!! <<<
– See you there!!!The schneidersladen showroom team


SPECIAL EVENT on APRIL 25th / 6pm : 618-robertlowe @ SchneidersLaden showroom

Talk / Concert / Workshop with Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe:


Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe is a master when it comes to exploring the possibilities that lie within modular synths-

As a solo artist or in countless collaborations. Most often he engages in hypnotic drone like textures, also integrating his voice.

As a regular guest to our showroom whenever he is in Berlin, he is also of invaluable help when it comes to novel patching techniques and hidden aspects of modules.

For this event we present you with the opportunity to experience Rob Lowe diving into the depths of a patch and also having the possibility to engage in a fruitful discussion – (meanwhile/and/or afterwards.)

As you know every eurorack system is unique and everybody will develop a unique approach to patching. This event is about sharing our ideas, impressions, thoughts on modular music and opinions on favorite modules.

>>>April 25th / 6pm / schneidersladen showroom / 7 EUR admission!<<<

>>>drop us a mail under: if you intend to come<<<

We are looking forward to see you The SchneidersLaden showroom team


Superbooth 17 – Kids playing live friday 21th

Modulworkshop Wien 3-721f0cdbKids playing live on modulars w Gammon  –  Friday 21.04.2017 (12:20 pm – 12:40 pm) at the Audit –   This workshop explains the way of getting musically interesting sounds from simple electronic oscillations like sine or saw waves and how to play live electronic music. A modular synthesizer is built from almost independent building blocks on which the participants will be working in small groups. This way they will be directly involved in forming the sounds and responsible for the individual expression of the sounds. The workshop provides basic knowledge in a straight and “hands-on” process.

The results of this process are the basis for a composition that will be played live.

Superbooth 2017 – Workshops on Friday the 21th

LeafAudio_DroneSynth-ca3b9c10Build your own Unit  at Supertooth 17  –  There will be 3 diffrent Workshops (DIY –  A/B/C)  on Friday Morning at 11 am


Build an Oscillosaurus Massive Passive and the brand new Oscillosaurus Crosscaler & Take home two handy 2HP utilities.
Building instruments with the Bela ultra low latency embedded audio platform.

DroneSynth is a 4 OSC Synth with Filter & VCA. Good DIY project for beginners.

Schneidersladen Opening Times during Superbooth

showroom_2HI FOLKS – Superbooth is coming very soon & of course we will be there as well – making Workshops , collecting news and infos , meeting Manufacturers & Friends, playing concerts and and and …. so we will be quite “superbusy “. Which means ..
on Thursday 20th & Friday 21th of April  we are only in the Shop from 10am til Midday 1 PM (10- 13 Uhr)-  and the Showroom  will be closed  completly.

Cause lots of the equipment and manpower will be needed at the Superbooth.

Of course we try our best to fulfill all your orders, phonecalls and mails during this time and – if you need to pick up stuff, we will be here for you til 1 pm – but please be patient with us, if it takes a bit longer those days. We hope to see you at the booth and for all who can’t come to berlin, we wish a superb weekend.

Superbooth 17 – The real Performance – thursday 20th

MWstattMünchen-0818935bThe real Performance: Monika Werkstatt  on  20.04.2017 from 9 to 9:30pm @ K1 (21:00 – 21:30)

Monika Werkstatt: HARDWARECHECK  

Berlin based female artists will collect  new instruments on the superbooth without knowing them before to make an improv concert with themse at night. – fresh and for real  – the artists will be – IslajaBarbara MorgensternPilocka KrachLucrecia DaltBeate Bartel & – Gudrun Gut.
for further infos ;

Superbooth 17 – Seasidestage opening on thursday 20th

ae-c4766c06Seasidestage opening The Abstract Earth at Superbooth on thursday  20.04.2017  from 2:30 pm till 3:10 pm  (14:30 – 15:10 ) – a berlin based formation around musician Charles Mtuschewski exploring the borders between jazz & contemporay club music.

The electronic surrounding created by synths and keys is modulating the landscape for trumpet and sax. They enter this landscape and go on expedition with their deep breathing melodies interacting with its shape creating a living environment.
You can never be sure where it is going to end: on a steep island the silent clouds making the pine trees swing or in a breathless sweating ocean of bodies on the dancefloor.
Take a deep breath!


Good Journey Mika Vainio – Rip

mikaVery sad to hear that Mika Vainio passed away this week –

He was a true original  in person and his music is absolutly  boundless & to many of us it is a huge influence and impact –   a timeless piece of art.

thx for beeing here –

have a good Journey .


Tangerine Dream shuttle boat concert @ Sooperboot

Superboot1What could be better than leaving SUPERBOOTH17 on a shuttle boat and having one or two beers during the ride?
The answer is simple: Leaving SUPERBOOTH17 on a shuttle boat and have one or two beers while enjoying the magic of Tangerine Dream playing a live concert…
Get one of 50 limited tickets!

Ticket 1 for the 9:30 PM Tour here

Ticket 2 for the 0:30 AM Tour here

DON´T PANIC! Beginners workshop.APRIL 13th/ 6PM


Hello! There are still some places left for our beginners workshop!

this Thursday, April 13th, 6pm, we’re holding a workshop for modular beginners in our beloved showroom..

Workshop is limited to 12 participants, so…

>>> Please register: directly now !!! <<<– See you there!!!The schneidersladen showroom team-


20170303_160127Please click on the pic to see more details. First come – first serve. Just available in the store: demo units and returns from 10% to 50% discounted:

DESKTOP: ERM multiclock (no usb) ,Innerclock Systems Sync Split , MFB Microzwerg – the last one
EURORACK: Terminal ,Sputnik Dual Oscillator ,Koma SVF1 Filter ,Harvestman Polivoks OSc …and MANY others
CASES: Frap Tools Zebra uno 84 synthrotek powered, Doepfer G6, LC6, LC3

(This all could have been sold in between, check these non binding offers out when you are in the store yourselves, please .. thank you)

March 23rd/6pm: BLAWAN and SIGHA @ schneidersladen

workHello Patch-People, Synthesizer-Enthusiasts, Modular-Addicts!
We are very honored to welcome James and Jamie aka SIGHA & BLAWAN as our guests on March 23rd/6pm. Please join that evening/late afternoon in our showroom! We will talk about how they work with modulars. As you know every eurorack system is unique and everybody will develop a unique approach towards patching. This event is about sharing ideas, impressions, thoughts on production and strong opinions about favorite modules. Beer and gummy bears provided! Entry is free but limited to 25 Participants. We start around 6pm this thursday in our showroom (Kotti above Kaiser’s)

Registration closed  – thanx for the Huge interest  / Looking forward to see you!!!  the schneidersladen showroom team

DON´T PANIC! Beginners workshop.MARCH 9th / 6PM

PAUL PAPE BerlinMarch 9th, 6pm, we’re holding a workshop for modular beginners in our beloved and rearranged showroom. Our goal is that you can confidently make your own first patch afterwards and have a good time. Although we are nerds we won’t get too technical.  Along the way we will show you basic patch techniques as well as tell you some stories about the history of (modular) synths and the Eurocrack scene.
Starts at 6pm / Kotti above Kaisers (ring bell: schneidersladen)
Workshop is limited to 12 participants, so..
>>> Please register: directly now !!! <<<
– See you there!!!The schneidersladen showroom team

Beginners Workshop Thursday the 9th of February

cats_nThursday the 9th of Febrauary  we are back in action with a beginners workshop for modular synths in our beloved and once again rearranged showroom. Our goal is that to help you confidently make your own first patch and… as always to have a good time.

Although we are nerds we won’t get too technical.  Along the way we will show you basic patch techniques as well as share some anecdotes about the history of (modular) synths .

Starts at 6pm / At our showroom / Kotti above Kaisers (ring bell: schneidersladen) / The workshop is limited to 12 participants:

>>> Please register with Camilo: co@schneidersladen directly now !!! <<<

– See you there!!! The schneidersladen showroom team

Namm 17 – qubit

qub 5 Qubi

Qu-Bit Electronics prepared four fresh products for the NAMM show. Tone is composed of four -24 dB multimode filters, each comes with low pass and band pass outputs. High resonance values make the circuits self-oscillate. By feeding a pitch CV signal to the control voltage inputs of the filters, they can be played tonally correct over a range of about four octaves.

The second new module, called Contour, features four AD envelopes with linear or logarithmic shaped curves. Two or more of the modulators can be chained together. Loop functions make it possible to use the circuits as LFOs with cycle times between five milliseconds and 20 seconds. CV inputs allow to modulate attack and decay lengths.

qub chance tone contour Qubi contourChance is a random module with smooth, discrete (stepped), wavetable and blend outputs. The ladder combine sine, saw and triangle waves to generate signals. Furthermore, there are connectors for tapping off clock, gate and rhythm signals as well as white and digital noise. By employing the Chance’s buttons, potentiometers and control voltage inputs, the user can quickly edit, sync and randomly vary the results of the module.

qub mixLast but not least, Qu-Bit showed the Mixology at NAMM, a four channel mixing module with send (post fader), pan, solo, mute and level controls plus stereo master section.

Namm – 17 delphtronics

delph 3 delph 2

Delptronics presented some hot, new modules at the NAMM show. PitchMan is a small, yet powerful sequencer and arpeggiator. It features configurable jacks, knobs with variable range, editable sequence order and length as well as quantization and transposition options. Thanks to the PitchMan’s plain layout with lots of LEDs and no menus, creating melodies is easy as pie.

The second new module is called WheelMan. It is a dual sequential voltage processor with two 8-step outputs and a 16-step output. Utilizing the module’s knobs, signals can be amplified, attenuated and inverted. Input A is normalized to 5 V, input B is normalized to instance A. WheelMan can be chained (and slaved) to the PitchMan.

delphAlso a little spring module – a co-operation with elctrofaustus the Blackfly EF110m to create springsounds or use it as a voltage generator for levels or envelopes etc – very enjoyable.

Namm 17 – Synthrotek & Divison 6

stk divStk 2

Synthrotek (Steve) & Division 6 (Scott) had a joint stand at the NAMM show.

Optical highlight was a case with integrated speakers and a screen made of an old piece of medical equipment. Unfortunately, it won’t go into batch production. But don’t be sad, there’s lots of other cool stuff that will become available in a few months.

 STK div sequenzer Stk div filterThe Division 6Dual Business Card Sequencer, for instance, combines two composition tools with up to 16 steps. It emits CV, gate and accent signals, clock and XP connectors make it possible to synchronize the two units with each other as well as other equipment.Filtare SEIII is a multimode filter with low pass, band pass and high pass outputs. Additionally, there is a notch output with variable low and high pass portions.

Stk robotstk pedalSynthrotek showed the Roboto, a sound manipulation tool based on old voice transformer chips. It is not only meant for vocals, but other audio material as well. The results range from metallic to extremely scruffy. Another new module is the Verb, an effects processor based on several PT2199 chips. It offers thick, atmospheric reverbs with a touch of digital vintage feeling. With the Space Drum Synthesizer, Model DS-C-II, Synthrotek is also preparing a new, standalone drone generator.

Namm 17 – 4ms

4ms1 4ms dan






4ms  – presented two promising new modules at the NAMM show.


4ms new1The Stereo Triggered Sampler records audio material with a resolution of up to 32 Bit and 192 kHz. Data is stored on a Micro SD card, the file system with its banks and slots is colour coded. For playing back samples, the module offers two players with potentiometers for pitch, start position, length and playback direction. Using its CV inputs, lots of functions can be controlled via external circuits.


4ms2The second module is called Tapographic Delay, an echo effect with up to 32 taps. Thanks to its innovative, digital design featuring storage banks, sequence functions and so forth, this Eurorack component is capable of astonishing, more or less experimental results. We can’t wait to give it a test drive at Schneidersladen.

Namm 17 – Impressions 2

namm2 namm3 namm4 qubit2 ross superbooth wmdbig wmdstand2 namm 33 darkp alex













Some more little impressions from the Namm boothes and welcoming our new colleque Herr Henning Schonvogel – no Herr isn’t a firstname .

Namm 17 – Intellijel

     Intel5 intelus





Intellijel are here at Namm with Danjel and Kamil and they brought a whole bouquet of new products to the NAMM show.

Intel1Plonk is a duophonic percussion generator using Physical Modeling to create sound. It was developed in collaboration with Applied Acoustic Systems. The user can choose between several exciters and resonators. Further parameters allow detailed sound design, two of them can be assigned to the X and Y controls. Finalized programs can be saved in one of 128 preset slots. It is even possible to import and export them via USB. Plonk will be available in the second quarter of 2017.


intel4intel3Another promising release is the Tetrapad, a control unit with four force sensitive touch faders. Thanks to several modes, it is possible to use the operating elements as faders, drum or chord triggers and more. Furthermore, a new version of the Springray will be available soon. It comes equipped with a filter instead of an equalizer and an improved drive circuit. Tetrapad and the new Springray will hit the stores within the next weeks.


intel8But wait, there is more: The Shifty ! It is kind of an automatic switch, which transforms a monophonic sequence into a polyphonic one. Signals can be split in up to four voices with variable order.



intel6intel7The 1 HP department was expanded with new circuits like a digital reverb and a headphone amp. Details regarding pricing and availability are yet to come.

Namm 17 – Radikal Technologies

Radikal dRadikal2radikal mod

Jörg Schaaf aka Mr. Radikal Technologies came to the NAMM show with his brand-new RT-1701 Effexx Multi-FX Proc. It is composed of a gain stage with saturation, an equalizer / filter section and two DSP effects. The ladder feature reverb, delay, chorus, phaser, flanger, tremolo, vibrato and filter algorithms. The module’s storage system can hold eight effect combinations per program. They can be blended manually, via the internal LFO or control voltages. The result: Extraordinarily smooth transitions between effects and settings. Sound-wise, the RT-1701 shines with high-resolution and a wide stereo image.

Namm 17 – WMD

wmd standwmda1wmd4WMD shows five new modules and a geiger counter pro pedal at NAMM 2017:

Arpitecht is a well equipped quantizer and arpeggiator, which allows the user to quickly select and edit scales, add slides, configure rhythms and a good deal more. Up to seven octaves (-1 to +5) can be employed to create intoxicating melodies. Thanks to a multitude of CV inputs it is possible to create continuously varying results in no time. For playing chords, WMD invented the Triad. This module generates three note values out of one incoming pitch signal. Users can not only choose the triad used, but also the inversion. Modulations of both parameters are possible as well.

The Overseer is a stereo VCF based on the designs of DJ filters. Compared to the circuits of well-known mixer manufacturers, WMD’s module sounds a lot more beefy while retaining the basic character. On top of that, the functional range was broadened to make the Overseer a flexible tool for sound design. Another stereo tool from WMD is the MSCL, a punchy compressor / limiter with editable ratio, threshold, attack, release and gain parameters as well as a side chain input.

Last but not least, WMD built a dual LFO module called Modbox with phase and skew options plus noise as well as sample & hold outputs.

wmd pedalThe new Geiger Counter Pro Pedal has now over 700 wavetables to bitcrush you into the elysium – this time with 12 instead of 8 bit -now you can morph now between the wavetables  and it comes with wet / dry poti / Midi  / 2x expression pedial inputs /Noise Gate / Lowpassfilter & 16 User presets.

It should be available around  april and cost ca 449$.

Namm 17 – kenton electronics


Kenton1kenton2The smart gentleman from wimbleton, well known for his early midi inventions, John Price alias Kenton Electronics brought two new Boxes on his Namm stand:

The  Merge 8 is a bigger midi merger to combine 8 diffrent midi sources into one output. the Merge 8 will extend the merge family being the big brother of the merge 4.

Pro CV to Midi – is a high Resoultion advanced CV to Midi converter – with lots of additional functions and the typical easy to use Parameter editing.

Both Units should be out this Spring and will be shown at superbooth 2017 as well.

Namm 17 – 1010 Music

1010m4herr1010m2Aaron Higgins from 1010 Music showed up with two new module prototypes at Namm and also announced that there will be a new update for their BITBOX sampler coming soon – which comes up with a very usefull splicing function.

The first Module  will be the FXBOX 1010m1like the name says it contains up to 16 Effects , like reverb / chorus / distortion andandand  – which can be modulated  and sequenced with a stepseguencer up to 32 steps long , and really nice …. the fx can be played simultansimultaneiously. The Module should come out in march 2017 and the price will be probaply around 600$.

1010m32nd Module will be the SYNTHBOX – a digitale polyphone Synthesizer – which will have on boards effects like Chorus / Reverb & Delay and of course modulation possibilties. The synthbox should come out in sommer – price wise it should be like the bitbox.

Namm 17 – Vermona

Vermona 1_ProThomas Haller from Vermona presents a multitude of new modules at the NAMM show. First of all, there is the Twin CV Filter, a combination of two multimode circuits with switches for high pass, band pass and low pass operation. They can be used in serial, parallel or individually. Other features include adjustable gain sections with overdrive capabilities, CV inputs with attenuators and more.

Additionally, Vermona developed an expander, which adds separate outputs for all filter characteristics plus a normally not usable notch mode to the Twin CV Filter. Furthermore, the extension module contains polarizers.

AVermona 2nother new release is the Unicycle oscillator. It features three fixed waveforms (sine, triangle, saw) plus three alterable waves (pulse, odd / even, mutable sawtooth.) Besides tuning capabilities the VCO offers features like hard and soft sync or linear and exponential inputs.

Random vermWith the Random Rhythm, Vermona also designed a module that generates gate signals by chance. – Well, not exactly, as it is possible to adjust the probability with which its four channels (1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/3) emit voltages. Offbeat and dice functions allow further variations. Using its clock input, the Random Rhythm can be synchronized to external equipment.

Vermona 1Vermonas fourth module is the Quadropol, a four channel polarizer with CV inputs and mixing functions. All mentioned products will become available this year at Schneidersladen. As if that weren’t enough, the lads from Vermona also showed concepts of some other modules, in detail a transposer and a CV controllable mixer with step mode. The ladder makes it possible to switch between channels using a clock signal.


NAMM 17 – AJH Synths

AJH 2AJH 1AJH 3Allan J. Hall added some new modules to his well received MiniMod product line. The Dual LFO + VCA is composed of two low frequency oscillators with two outputs each. In detail, one of those connectors emits a triangle waveform, which can be morphed into saw or ramp waves. The other jack sends out pulse signals with variable width. Both LFOs are equipped with rate potentiometers. Additionally, the first one has a slow switch to adjust the control range. Furthermore, it can be synchronized to external modules using a clock signal. The second LFO is normalized to the CV controllable VCA, meaning it is possible to influence the modulation strength with components like the modulation wheel of a keyboard. Of course, the amplifier can be used standalone as well.

AJHs second new module is the DH-ADSR Envelope, a modulator featuring a design similar to the EMS Trapezoid Generator. It offers delay, attack, decay, sustain value plus hold time and release parameters. Therefore, by combining it with a normal ADSR envelope, users are able to create complex modulation curves. A retrigger switch makes the circuit oscillate. The range of the time values can be altered. There are normal and inverted outputs.

The third module in the bunch of fresh products is called CV Mix – Offset – VCA. As the name states already, this circuit is specialized in mixing up to four control voltages. Its level potentiometers are bipolar. If no cable is plugged in, the first three inputs are normalized to fixed voltages. Their values vary from channel to channel. The fourth input comes equipped with an offset generator. Furthermore, there is a CV controllable VCA built-in.

Namm 17 – Tom Oberheim

Oberheim 1Oberheim 2






Tom Oberheim showed an Eurorack version of his iconic synthesizer SEM at the NAMM show. The SEM-X is composed of two modules. One contains the synthesis circuits and control elements, the other provides the user with plenty of patch points. This dual-style layout eases the housing in already crowded modular systems. Both components are connected via a cable on the back. In terms of sound, the “X” is a full blown SEM. – And more! By comparison to the patch panel desktop version, VCOs and modulation capabilities of the SEM-X were updated. First of all, the oscillators not only feature saw and pulse waves, but a triangle as well. Additionally, there is a noise generator. The LFO offers four waves (sine, saw, square, sample and hold), the envelopes have ADSR parameters. On top of that, there is an XMod section, allowing the first VCO to influence the pitch and pulse width of the second oscillator as well as the filter.
In other news, Tom Oberheim also announced two effect modules,

Oberheim 3 the PS-1A Phase Shifter and the RM-1B Ring Modulator. Both are based on vintage circuit designs, but offer more parameters and connectors. Tom told us, that the idea to create this modules formed after talking to a music composer, who was working successfully in the movie industry for many years. After retiring, the man got a big Eurorack system for his home, but wasn’t happy with the quality of phase shifter and ring modulator modules available. This is why he still uses the old, extremely smooth sounding effect boxes the new releases are based on.
According to Tom Oberheim, SEM-X, PS-1A and RM-1B will be available this summer! – We’ll make sure you can preorder them at Schneidersladen a.s.a.p!

Namm 17 – Make Noise

mn3mn2mn5While Sebastian Baumann saying hello to Tony Rolando from  Make Noise, Walker introduced their new module – the  Morphagene.

mn4The Morphagene is a Stereo Sampler  to process in & outside your modular but also manipultes and mangles the sounds like a freaky Tapemachine – its made again by the well known Tom Erbe from Soundhack.

It features a SD card slot and Stereo I/O and operates with Reels /Splices & Genes – while a Reel can have 87 seconds of sound it can store up to 99 Splices which can be  87 seconds long too. Genes uses microseconds to do a granular processing – a real powerhorse. Estimated delivery will be in March and the price should be 529$ !

Namm 17 – Endorphines

end 2end 3





Moritz Scharf from our friends Endophines – presents their new superslick Modular Desktop endshSynth the powerful Shuttle Complete System

..which includes the new Cockpit / new Grand terminal / Gateway / Furtherrr Generator & Shuttle Control and of course a really beautiful powered slim Case / Ttrs connector & and a bag for it.
It should come within the next weeks – and will be around 2300 € – and there will be optional smaller faceplates available for the future.
Of course their two new modules will be available alone as well.

endorphines_cockpit_faceplate_frontThe Cockpit is a 6 HP / 4 stereo channels performance mixer – the missing link to the full 84 HP full shuttle system wich can be connected to ipad / drum machines etc. It has although 2 send /returns to use an iOS device as an FX processor & an on board sidechainable compressor – not to forget a stereo out. – It should be available end of the month.

gt_frontThe Grand terminal is already available and is a digital multipurpose module for ambitious sound designers. It contains two function generators, which can be used as envelopes, LFOs or VCOs, two filter channels with eight modes of operation, mixing and routing options as well as a multi effects unit.

If you re at Namm visit them at hall B booth #4911.

getting started namm 2017












First little impressions from Sunny California –

NAMM 2017 will start on Thursday – and we are here say hello – checking out  the latest gear  & meeting old and new friends over the big teich –

And big thx upfront to Vermona/ Hdb for their nice nos caps from 1987 – and like thomas from vermona said: from a country which doesn’t exist anymore – GDR at Namm – Die Zonengurke strikes back.

Us Prices slightly adjusted

street-bull-0Due to a booming US Stock Market  – and a stronger Dollar $ over the last two months we had to slightly adjust the prices for  US Manufacturer

We hope thats understandble and still fair for all.

your Schneidersladen Crew




Come to Schneidersladen on Thursday November, 17th for a workshop with Girts Ozolins and Voldemars Johansons from Erica Synths. In this workshop we will cover a lot of topics ranging from designing tube modules, drone music, bbd delays, shift registers to generative patching. As this is really a lot, we will divide the workshop in three sections:

Part One: On the peculiarities of tube design. With an in depth presentation of the new tube FUSION SERIES by Girts. Part Two: also very helpful for creativity: Refreshments. Girts will hand out the praised Riga Black Balsam Liqueur. Part Three: Turning randomness into music.

A different view on patching a modular synth aka Analog Computers. Self generating patches by Voldemars Johansons on soon to be released PICO SERIES modules. More info about erica and Voldemar:

The workshop will take place in our showroom at kottbusser tor above kaisers Nov, 17th 6pm for free, but .. please write an email to Thomas for registration – its limited to 15 participants-  (
Looking forward seeing you here !! the schneidersladen showroom team

Workshop with special guest Touellskouarn Nov, 10th


Come over on Thursday, November 10th for a special  introduction to modular workshop  with our friends Touellskouarn!  Our goal is to help you get familiarized with the modular so that you can confidently make your first patch! This time around you will also have the opportunity to learn directly from Gaël of Touellskouarn how to add life and color to this first patch using feedback and fuzz with the likes of the Strakal Brulu and Sonveskan modules.

Although we are nerds we won’t get too technical.  Along the way we will show you basic patch techniques as well as talking about how one can start applying them to make music. Starts at 6pm / At our showroom / Kotti above Kaisers (ring bell: schneidersladen) / The workshop is limited to 12 participants:

>>> Please register with Camilo: co@schneidersladen directly now !!! <<<           – See you there!!! The schneidersladen showroom team


Workshop /Oct 27th. 6pm: Eurorack – what’s coming!?!


Dear Modularists,

wow – 2016 is almost over and many(many!) new manufacturers appeared on the scene; a vivid live scene gets us excited, a larger market is developing… an excellent time to talk about the present and the future of eurorack .. about you and us?
.. as an open discussion on ongoing and coming developments, good and bad ones, the ones we wish for and those we already wish they never happened?

Just drop us a line per mail so we know how many of you are coming.  Write to Thomas : and join: Thursday Oct 27th / 6pm in Schneidersladen showroom. really looking forward seeing you!

the schneidersladen showroom team


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