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STROMKULT is our platform to release updates and latest news on selected hardware synthesizers, sequencers, competent drummachines, analogue modular systems, Midi tools, controllers, converters and related stuff of any kind. For supersmall manufacturers and inventors of such electronic musical instruments SCHNEIDERSBUERO has been founded back in 1999 as distribution and a common marketing platform. Products has been shown online, in our showrooms and on the'SUPERBOOTH', we made workshops and uncounted reviews has been managed in magazines all over europe. Now these very special instruments and tools quite often can be bought from resellers over europe, all of them directly from our webshop SCHNEIDERSLADEN worldwide.


Befaco DIY now announced anther workshop in Berlin for january the 13th/14th. It will be an intensive weekend of soldering and learning for non experienced DIY actors in a location next to the RAW.


Make Noise released a smaller version of their well known module Maths now – called FUNCTION. It includes a sample&hold output and will be sold in the US for 165 Dollar. We hope to get a first bunch of them in quite soon, preorders per mail can be made now, in a few days the product FUNCTION can be found in our webshop too.


Wishing you a happy new year we are busy trying to catch up with all your questions and orders we found today in our mails. It will take a few days to get it all done because we are starting with a new software in SchneidersLaden now. This must also excuse the lack of showroom action within this week.

So If you want to visit our showroom, please forgive us if we dont let you in before monday, 7th / next week again. We need a few days to understand again how the system works and .. we try to ship all backorders asap.  so.. please go ahead making good music on your hardware that probably works fine? .. and have a good time!

Thank you all..

.. for 2012, have a merry christmas if you celebrate, a good start into a healthy, lucky and peaceful 2013 if possible, Andreas Schneider and all at  Schneidersladen and friends.

Schneidersladen closed ..

We are closed from December 21st 2012 until January 7th, 2013 towards Christmas, Inventory and new years eve. In addition we will have some major changes with our computer systems, so we will need the first week of January to learn how it goes.. and to get up with collected backorders then. So ..

if you need something from us,  you better buy it now. Online orders coming in on 21st or later will be shipped the first week of January, but..  you will not be able to enter shop or showroom before January, 7th. Thank you for your understanding and all the best to you. Have a good time.

Cleared / prepaid orders will be
shipping until Friday morning!

Very last day with showroom this
Friday, 21st – youre welcome!


.. for quickly now ? .. we could mostly recommend the Koma Kommander, making sense for nearly everybody who is involved in what we do as long as he/she does not have it already (?).  If this is too much, you can just learn a bit about it with a great (german) book called Das grosse Buch zum A-100.
If it should be a bit more, there are several monophonic synths in stock like the Magma, Mono Lancets and the Moog Minitaur, if a synth is not it, the analogue Moog Delay in its latest version as a very good tool and .. if you really dont know, just call us or step in with the story of your love and we will find something to make you happy.


Towards the end of the year we are mainly happy about still being able to see you coming in being our friends and clients, thank you for your ongoing support. After we missed to send out any cards or christmas presents, we would also like to say thank you to our suppliers and partners this way.

(Testsalon London now)

2012 brought some changes with the shop in Berlin, we started a new concept for the London Testsalon and we could found a reliable distribution partner for those brands that would like to be seen in many shops over europe,  sometimes not even fitting to Schneidersladen anymore, but it will be good for most of us making the smaller things and shops survive.

We hope that the year will end with peace in our countries even if we should be aware that our lifestyle is a reason for the opposite in many parts of the world. As we sadly know, best weapons are still made in germany, I only hope that some things can change in the future and that we can be forgiven.

Merry Christmas, all the best for you and yours and a nice new years eve.

Der Herr Schneider..

Yes, indeed. Der HerrSchneider (jr.!) ist morgen geladen, im Robert Johnson in Frankfurt/M im Rahmen der Reihe Robert Johnson Theorie etwas aus dem Nähkästchen zu plaudern.Vielleicht erzähle ich etwas über HerrSchneider oder ich mache einfach ein wenig Musik? Auf jeden Fall bringe ich etwas zum basteln und schrauben mit und ich freu mich drauf – also gern bis morgen.

Kosmologische Konstante

The “kosmologische Konstante” – the name was given to it by Albert Einstein approx. 80 years ago – is explaining the existance of the DARK ENERGY ! Equipped with a multimodefilter and a modified waveform on its oscillator now the DARK ENERGY 2 is offering new horizonts for starters and advanced users. Very first units are available now from retail stores, more of them are still under construction !

Finally Magma..

Eowave is now shipping their MAGMA, a monophonic synth with onboard sequencer, we are awaiting a first batch these days.

Sensoric friends..

If you ever want to install a sensor system this is your chance: We are selling out our Eobody system sensors as a smart bundle starting with 50% off if you buy at least each one of the following remaining sensors. All sensors are equipped with a 1/4″ stereo jack mostly possible to be used with other objects, too.
At the time we still have 2D Gforce controllers, 3D Gforce controllers, detection sensorsIR distance Sensors 5cm, a joystick sensor a short 10cm ribbon and a movement controller. If you order these seven sensors first, you will be lucky winning a free switch sensor in addition. Just write a mail and push the button to  get it done.


and Synthesizer Modules – such as the long awaited Micromac by Ken Macbeth – or the glorious Boomstar by studio electronics will become more concrete very soon. The first of all (!) indeed – will be the Micromac Module, we already have a serial model on Demo in Berlin NOW: Its a bit expensive – but GREAT!

About MFB ..

The bigger MFB products are all in a change towards the casings, that are no more available like the well done Kraftzwerg. The first one in the new box with wooden side ends was the DominionX. Now MFB is starting to redesign all his bigger synths and sequencers into such a case, well done – but unfortunately they will be a bit more expensive, so watch out for older units from stock now. The Urzwerg Pro is done already, a Microzwerg MK2 and a Kraftzwerg MK2 is still in progress .. by the way: The Dominion SED was not that easy as expected, Updates from Dominion X will be made by MFB themselves now.

Dark Energy II

The long awaited Dark Energy 2 by Doepfer will soon come in. Doepfer is getting a first batch of pre-serial models that will be checked and then the summer is finally at its end to let the most popular little synth of the last years will light up the world of darkness – oder so…

Macbeth on Demo..

We really have a very first of the Macbeth Micromacs for a test in our showroom, now. The sales models will be coming quite soon, so .. if you are on the (long) waiting list already, it could happen soon that we get back to you, if you are not, check it out these days if this is a one for you or not
The desktop versions with Midi will still take a bit so please keep being informed this way.

good ole Curetronix!

Leaf Audio who once made some DIY workshop on  really smart little synths in a breadbox (see pic) is now making a workshop designing drumsounds on a curetronic modular system. Could be a good start, nice and interesting but it will happen in the SAE and if you want to know more about modular drums, you are very welcome to play on one of our  systems in schneidersladen afterwards ..

Hangfoglalas show!

In Hungary this weekend our partner analoguezone is introducing their range of products on a show for musical instruments called hangfoglalas! If you are around, please give it a chance and have a look, the stand is probably filled with stuff now.

Conrad Schnitzler

The artist and very outstanding personality Mr. Conrad Schnitzler had to leave earth. I will not forget his positive vibration and happiness to keep him in mind as an early punk somehow – as a good guy.

Conrad Schnitzler w Macbeth M5 and HerrSchneider
Conrad Schnitzler vor dem Macbeth M5 im Gespräch mit Andreas Schneider

The Caroussel..

..has been introduced on the superbooth, was a highlight during short circuit in londons roundhouse and is now waiting in our showroom berlin to be performed by you. In October we will send it on tour thru europe starting on a nice festival in poland, if you want to see it being performed in your country too, please get in touch with us asap, thank you.

schneidersbuero introducing their merry-go-round with six modular systems to be performed by a sequencer and two or three artists on festivals and stages over europe. Tourstart will be Poland end of october 2011 after a preview on Musikmesse and the short circuit festival in Londons Roundhouse now on invitation by mute.


Tom Oberheim

Tomoberheim son of 4 voice
Tomoberheim son of 4 voice released his vision of a fourvoice polyphonic version of the prominent and well done SEM-module. The Son of 4 Voice could be ready to ship in May but after Tom Oberheim is not the very youngest anymore we will forgive him any kind of delay and wait in patience.
With a little luck he can make it and will be coming over for the Musikmesse in April making some few presentations and interviews. That would be nice, tom.

Synth for free !

cimg0253Our dear new friend Jens from Germany just ordered some cables and was the one with the delivery note #10000 !! This made us so happy that we decided to spent an extra synthesizer by gotharman for free. Jens was so happy about such a surprise that he made a little video about it that you can see here. My congratulations again and thank you, jens.

Thanks a lot to all of  you btw  for nearly 11 years as Schneidersbuero in between. I had a very nice time mostly with nice clients, manufacturers and friends, with all your analogue synthesizers and modular systems, we all hope, you did enjoy it, too.

Namm was nice..

having_fun_on_nammThis namm was a very nice time and we want to say thank you to all the manufacturers and inventors that we met there for doing it.  Paul and I recovered a bit and in between we could put together what we seen and heard about to give you an impression. I will upload this step by step hoping for your patience. who is the ones on the pic? Send all four names in (as a comment) and you will win a free doepfer patch-cable and a DIY-LFO by analogue solutions if you are the first ten out of them – good luck !!

Chuck Noisebug Jr..

moonmodularThe booth of Noisebug alias Chuck Oken jr. was the third adress on NAMM that was a must see for us (and you?) this year. They have been showing the stuff of Don Buchla and associates again together with, Vermona, the brilliant modules by Moon Modular and more. Noisebug is running a real showroom at the earlier Analogue Heaven adress in addition to the usual onlineshop. After they now show again some outstanding good units including bigger modular stuff (5 rackspace) they probably found their place in this US competition of three retailers in the same area and range.

Synthesizer Magazin #14:

The german synthesizermagazin #14The latest issue of germans synthesizer magazin contents a well done review of the Metasonix Wretchmachine S1000 with 4 full pages of explanations and pictures. . in german only but well done.  Then there is another three pages about the Mutronics Mutator, out of production but a classic unit in between.  About the classical CS-80 by Yamaha there are another six pages including many links, and – by the way – I would like to remind you that there are CS-80 filters available for the Studio electronics Code also !! We have one demo unit with four voices and all extras now on special sale!
If you would like to buy the Synthesizermagazin, please feel free to buy it from Schneidersladen or just give em an email if its not yet online.

About forums ..

NO, Wowa Cwejman is not going out of business and .. NO the JoMoX 888 is not so buggy, that you can not use it on stage and .. NO .. please do not believe everything that has been written to the internet.
Stromkult is a blog with that what we know about those units that we buy from some small manufacturers we like. If WE tell something about them this is mostly what they told us earlier and it could be true. And YES .. Mr. Wowa Cwejman Is working on new modules and he will release them, but not one day before they will be ready. We are looking forward to this and  all the other interesting releases in our little market, and – YES, it could take a little longer sometimes!

Cwejman time again ..

Cwejman S1 units are now in production again. our backorders will finally be shipped between May, 20st and 28th ex Berlin.  For new orders it still could take longer after the production is rather limited.
Cwejman Modules will need another few weeks at least  so we can serve existing backorders second half of June latest.  Thank you for your patience if you already ordered, if not please feel free to do so at Schneidersladen now.

Kenton Linedriver ..


Midi informations over distances longer than 5 meters has always been a problem. The line driver by Kenton is converting incoming Signals with a standard cat5 cable over distances of up to 500 meters. This is even more then the wireless midi system for up to 100 meters – mostly enough to connect the FOH with things on stage quite easy.

Macbeth modular

Mr Ken Macbeth from scotland is on the way to release some modules in the bigger five rackspace system. Some first pictures reminded on the famous minimoog, the sound quality of his earlier product has always been brilliant and so .. we are looking forward seeing them. Unfortunately the first prototypes are sometimes far away from the serial production in the timeline, so do not get nervous.
We will let you know, when they will be coming true.

Navroz was the first one ..

08_sb092..visiting our new showroom and testing the dual Cwejman Filter DMF-2 as an option to expand his existing system. Even if this module has not been his choise it could be the one for you. To find it out his report will probably help.

In Navs modular Lab you can also find many other reviews and sujective opinions on the products we are busy with dealing them in and out to whom it may concern. Please feel free to give us your input, too.

Showroom flooded

The new so called Hobbykeller alias Showroom in the Adalbertstr has been flooded with at least 2 cm water on the floor this weekend. Thats why we are a bit behind with everything now cleaning up and reorganizing the house technik. Please forgive if we will not be able to let you test units as long as we are busy with this.

Probably on Wednesday everything will fit again and you can test things as usual workdays from 2pm til 6pm.

Borg and Boogie by malekko:

Malekkoheavyindustry is making modules such as the borgfilter, the boogiefilter and the Assblaster distortion. They will be coming in around next week after clearing logistical details. We welcome the new brand to our range of products.


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