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STROMKULT is our platform to release updates and latest news on selected hardware synthesizers, sequencers, competent drummachines, analogue modular systems, Midi tools, controllers, converters and related stuff of any kind. For supersmall manufacturers and inventors of such electronic musical instruments SCHNEIDERSBUERO has been founded back in 1999 as distribution and a common marketing platform. Products has been shown online, in our showrooms and on the'SUPERBOOTH', we made workshops and uncounted reviews has been managed in magazines all over europe. Now these very special instruments and tools quite often can be bought from resellers over europe, all of them directly from our webshop SCHNEIDERSLADEN worldwide.

808 Maracas ..

MA808 SmallTiptop audio now released another percussion instrument for the eurorack format, the 808 style Maracas. It is not that complicated to built a workshop around this, but I guess it makes sense to see how much fun you can have making music with a few more of the tiptop audio eurorack modulars: On September 18th in the evening there will be a workshop in Berlin with Kostya Gervis and other friends. .. on 24th and 25th they will do the same on ibiza during the !

Bananas for Eurorack!

CG_bananaBananajacks in the euroracksystem has been a theme on the internet already as I heard. A german soldering artist from around the corner called Christian Guenther now made a first modular component the VCO called XR22 with just banana jacks. An adapter module has been promised, but it could take a bit, you better help yourself.

modular music all night long

Centralmusic_Workshop_02In Berlin Kreuzberg on Oranienstr. at Centralmusic  a constant workshop on the modular karusssell is working: Now you can listen all night long to the modular sounds, that has been patched and performed over the day on six rotating systems. They are synced with a hidden midi sequencer, so it should be that they play with each other in sync – somehow. After two minutes of slow rotation you will have a new sound .. all night long.
Just bring your own headphone or have an earplug on board please!

Tiptop Audio Workshop Berlin

electronics-repairs2On September, 18th – still a while – there will be a workshop for runaways about the modular world of tiptop audio by Kostya Gervis held in berlin kreuzberg for tiptop audio. Expecting a lot of interested modular freaks we will make it an educational evening event starting at 7 pm already at Centralmusic on Oranienstrasse for up to 20 guests (Admission is free once you registered your participation here).  For Q & A with Kostya directly he will be in addtion available at Schneidersladen Friday afternoon Sept, 19th, where finally all complains can be cleared and products could be ordered.

Another workshop @ SL, now !

workshoppic1Especially for  new customers we will have a workshop again just on and about a eurorack starter system for lower 1500 EUROn July, 18th (2014)- next Friday – our product specialist Thomas K. will share his knowledge about such with you (once you confirmed your participation). The workshop is limited to seven people and will start once the showroom closed at 6pm. To make your first own patch and have a good time, please calculate with roundabout two to three hours time and send your confimation to tc@schneidersladen directly now.

Snazzy my dear ..

Dear Mister Snazzy,

w_dan_snazzythank you again for the wonderful session we had on this years NAMM (already), that I filmed. I am so sorry that I lost this file somewhere between my camera and my computer that I could not release it to let our friends and clients participate in the knowledge about your modules. I was so sorry, that it took even longer for me to clear everything up with our order, but – finally – now we have them all here, in our showroom at the kottbusser Tor, berlin just mounting them up to a system. So – you will definitely get some feedback from the europeans next week. .. and I am looking forward to a workshop with you over here, working on it.

Yours with warm regards, HerrSchneider

Metropolis coming ..

Danjel_IntellijelOur Friend Danjel alias Intellijel informed us, that finally this week the next big batch of Metropolis Sequencers will be ready to ship. So our part of at least 55 units – mostly already promised to our dear clients – should be coming in earliest end of next week, but hopefully very soon to be forwarded directly.

Music Easel waitings..

975_1320.. unfortunately there are still nearly 50 of our clients waiting to get their hands on one of the Bemi* Music Easel .. We never thought that it could take so long to get them in and we are very sorry about this. Still we dont know if there will be more than the first seven “serial units” that we had coming in so far.

In addition to this we are even more sorry, that we mixed up the order date with the update of our factura system what lead us to serve very few clients in the wrong order. As soon as we have more units coming in, we will first of all serve these clients we have overlooked.

* = BEMI is the company that took over the business from Don Buchla
(the guy you see on pic) alias Buchla and Associates  a while ago.

Intellijel spring tanks..

… could have been a good idea if they were available.
Luckily there are alternatives in between, please ask.

Handsoldered Patchcables

Alex4 BerlinVermona now offers a series of high quality hand soldered patch cables for eurorack modulars.
The Patchmate is available in 30cm, 60cm and 90cm and has been checked and tested with the usual eurorack modular stuff, its not cheap but it feels very good!

Verbos should come ..

Centralmusic_stageFinally now Evi uploaded the video she made on the Mark Verbos performance and workshop together with Christian Zollner in Centralmusic shortly after Musikmesse. The Modules by Verbos Electronics are still in production but they should be coming over to europe soon to be available at competent retail stores mostly, give it another month or two, please..

Thomas K Workshop

workshoppic1Tomorrow – Friday 13th (!) – we will celebrate a first workshop about modulars held by our new product specialist Thomas K expecially for starters on the eurorack system. At 6pm we will start in our showroom at the Kottbusser Tor, berlin for just 10 people that has to please confirm the participation via email asap (click here). There are still three places left or so .. and its free for friendy guys and girls. So if you ever wanted to know what we are talking about and you dont understand nothing, yet – this is your chance to go.

Dont read this !

HerrSchneiderIf you want to know why I (HerrSchneider) am not reading forums, waste your time with reading this: A missing package for an italian customer has been delivered to the adress that this customer gave us as his valid invoice adress together with the order. The separate and different shipping adress has been overseen by us, we are very sorry for this mistake. We tried to get the package back to correct our mistake, but the recipient was not available for us.
The person that signed the receipt at this adress (where the customer does not know anybody anymore (as he declared clearly)) could have been clearly identified as the mother of our customer with a second package that luckily has been sent by our MD Mister Sebastian Baumann afterwards. Good idea! 
If my mom has signed for a package that was for me, she is giving it to me or she calls me, so I dont need it a second time and would be more happy with getting the money back, yes – I figured out, Mister B. but we are different!

Mistakes and Returns ..

Once a customer has given names and addresses to Schneidersladen to send an order to, we do so. If goods are NOT arriving these addresses, if they arrive defectively (YES, we make mistakes – sorry) or if they will be returned for other reasons, we usually offer a replacement or credit the money to send it back as soon as the goods are back to us or things are cleared.
Once a shipment did arrive at an address of the customer and has been received by him or her or e.g. HIS MOTHER we do NOT wire back the money as long as the package within the goods has not been returned to us.
End of story.

Friday 13th: for starters

Thomas K. – product specialist for modulars at SchneidersLaden – will start with the first issue of a series for (absolute) modular beginners workshops this Friday, the 13th of june.
In order to prevent the usual yet confusing patch noodling orgies we put a small yet flexible system in the center. With that as a basis we will approach the very basics of patching techniques, integration with external devices and (later on) unconventional ways of getting a sound out of this box.
Workshop is limited to 10 participants and will start at 6pm (until 8pm).
First come, first serve – please make your reservation directly to now.

Closed today !

geschlossenIn Germany at least there is a bank holiday for religious reasons this monday – so please do not be set up if we do not pick up the phone nore answering your emails. There is best weather over germany, the sun is shining so we are sitting in the green taking another bath mostly getting back to you on Tuesday with whatever you want. All the best to our synthie friends worldwide from sunny berlin ..

MFB OSC03 in stock..

The MFB OSC03 – a triple oscillator in the eurorack – has been shipped and is available from stock now. It includes the mixer functionality that has been sold as an extra for the earlier MFB OSC2, that is selling out now – b.t.w.!

Tom Oberheim busy..

2vc-01b1After not having heard a lot, Tom Oberheim now came back to us with a bunch of soon to ship SEM units that has been ordered for a while already. By accident some of us misunderstood it as shipped already and perhaps informed you a bit too early – if you are on the waiting list, the units will ship around the end of this month – meaning next two weeks!

Apart from that, this is a good sign for those who still wait in patience for the twovoice he is working on. It could be coming, but .. please dont ask again, we will let you know about it asap – here – thanks.

affordable boomstars..

boomstar4075-angled-fullsizeThe Studio Electronics Boomstars are great analogue synthesizers. From our stock Berlin the model 4075 is nearly sold now and very soon available for their new price only, the brilliant moog, the 3003 and the wonderful SEM version – are still selling on their much lower old prices in Berlin at least  – the new one with a CS80 Filter will come this summer for 949 retail at least, so ..  – check them out now at Schneidersladen or Centralmusic to learn what you could have missed, then!

More than just a moog..

The very first units of the long time expected
MFB Dominion1 keyboard synthesizer from Berlin could be shipped in July hopefully. There are plenty of videos on the web already showing the outstanding possibilities of this unit, but from what I saw at the manufacturers facility now, it will be even better…

hardware updates..

make_noise_phonogeneYour Make Noise Phonogene can be updated to V.372 at SchneidersLaden again now: Finally today we received the update for the update machine that once worked very well and Franz is your best friend, if you have a unit earlier than this version. The Update (item # MNPHup) is not online as an article in our webshop because we need your phonogene module be sent in to make it.
You will be asked for 25Eur just for the update plus shipment costs back to whereever you are. Please do not forget to ad your name and adress to whatever you send including you wish for this piece of software!! The whole procedure usually takes two weeks.

starting lower 500!

pb modularIf you would like to start with a little modular there are special offers not just now: The pittsburgh thing can be deconstructed later on and you always have several good tools to be combined with others again and again, good fun – well done.

Valhalla DSP ordered ?

For existing or future clients and users of the Z-DSP by tiptop audio the Valhalla DSP will be offering new features coming in soon! Stackcabels and many other products are also on their way to us as I heard ..

Metasonix news n stock..

The new dual VCA R57 came in, the R56 tube spring reverb is still available with a very few units, the D-1000 and an S-2000 and some other modules are back in stock now, please see the whole list here.

Anode Meeblip

anode-mixer640The very little Anode Meeblip Synthesizer module that has been introduced in Frankfurt will need a bit more time. A very first shipment is coming soon, please calculate the first units ex berlin for week #21/ around May, 23rd.

Tom Oberheim Production

Tom Oberheim GarageI just had a chat with Tom Oberheim who confirmed that the TwoVoice is in production now: First Units will be shipped in May if everything goes well. The remaining SEM units some of you are waiting for will also be coming in first half of May, so please keep being patient we will get back to you as soon as we have the confirmation they are shipped .. as always there is hope.

This picture has NOT been made by Jörg Stachoviak in Toms Garage in march 2014 as we had to find out now (11/2015): Sorry, it was shot by Tony Karavidas – a member of the Team around Dave Smith btw – who gave us the friendly permission to let it online, here – thank you!

Tom told us, he was working on the units in the garden that time, congratulation!

Cwejman SPH-2 restocking

SPH-2The SPH-2 by Cwejman is restocking now in  limited numbers. So if you have ordered one of them be aware to be asked very soon to take them (or not). The waiting list is long.
His new QMMF-4 is in production now and will follow soon.

Available now ex SchneidersLaden:

the Macbeth Elements is now online on SchneidersLaden and can be preordered here. We still dont know when exactly the first units will be coming in but as you know we always deal fair with such and hold all promises on european warranty issues and keep you informed over here. The price had to be lifted up to 5590 EUR now, if possible we can still sell it for cheaper once we have them.

NEW centralmusic

Centralmusic_stageWe had a wonderful night with the re-opening of Centralmusic on Oranienstrasse 188 in Berlin Kreuzberg. Mark Verbos and Christian Zollner made a great set (see them on the pic) followed by a short but great introduction of the Meeblip synthesizer by Peter Kirn; finally Jeffrey Vallier introduced the WLAN card for the Buchla Music Easel. Wolfgang Seidel unfortunately arrived too late after his first live performance with one of the very first Easels that arrived last week and Antony H made this picture, thank you all.

Musikmesse Aftershow 2/2

Centralmusic_KarrussellTonite in Kreuzbergs Oranienstrasse (#188!) we will have a workshop with Mark Verbos from New York introducing his eurorack products at around 8pm, this will be held in english. Then there will be a session with either Peter Kirn presenting his Meeblip synth and/or the Koma boys performing their pedals and Kommanders. Still before 10pm we will have a second rare introduction where Christian Halten will introduce his W-Lan interface for the Buchla Music Easel together with the chief technician from Buchla responsible for their production site. As on Musikmesse Mister MFB junior (the Tanzbär !) will take care for some drinks and good fun as we will do ourselves.

Musikmesse Aftershow..

08_sb092On Thursday, 20st we will celebrate our visitors from the US that gladly joined an extra visit to Berlin after Musikmesse now. Also towards the re-opening of Kreuzbergs “Centralmusic” we will start two or three extra rare manufacturers workshops there around 8pm to show some of the news from the tradeshow. With this we will have some drinks and make some music. Looking forward seeing you there.

Doors 7pm, no admission, Centralmusic, Oranienstrasse 188, Xberg

Easelistening ..

IMG_2897Time has come and finally: the first very few of the music easels did arrive Berlin this week. There are still a lot of clients waiting but at least these few has been informed that they are welcome to pick their units up in Berlin or to get it however. Production will go on and we will also be served with 200e modules faster and better from now on, as our partners alias Bemi confirmed on musikmesse.

Mark Verbos at DBS Musicschool in Berlin!

Musikmesse-2014-Verbos-Electronics-Synthesizer-Module_content_box_bigAfter having been in Europe already to Musikmesse Frankfurt introducing his new series of modular eurorack components last week,
Mark Verbos alias Verbos Electronics is NOW presenting his products in Berlin for a day.
At the DBS-Music School he is doing a workshop on Tuesday morning (march, 18th) where a few public places are left to fill. So if you can make it to come around, youre welcome in the Gubener Str. 47, Aufgang B, third floor in the IDEAS lab, at 10 AM.

Well done, ken!

Musikmesse_2014_xMister (ken) Macbeth was introducing a new Synth called elements in the prototype stage on Musikmesse Frankfurt here. We had a very nice time also with all the other manufacuturers and nice new and old products they made. To learn more please search the web for all the videos, pictures, movies and comments, we ourselves did not have the time, yet to make publish someting like that – except this.

Ken has left the building now, were looking forward to uninstall the rest.

Musikmesse Frankfurt

NAMM_Buchla_Easle-editorThis week the Musikmesse in Frankfurt will open the doors again. After it is mainly a business event where retailers meet their distributors for violins and humba bumba taeteraeae .. a SUPERBOOTH as known from SchneidersBuero years ago will not happen again in 2014. Instead of this there will be a presentation of the ALEX4 distribution that is realizing sales with interested and hopefully competent retail businesses all over europe.
ALEX4 is working for Doepfer, Buchla, MFB, and others mostly based in europe themselves .. theres a few interesting new entries such as KOMA elektronik and Verbos electronics. Buchla promised to show their W-Lan connection for the Music Easel (see pic) on Thursday and Friday at least, Marc Verbos will introduce his completely new modular series all days, Ken Macbeth will show up with some prototypes on Friday and Koma will show you how to party with smart pedals all days, too. Following good traditions there will be good drinks for good buyers.

not Just an EASEL in 5.1, C54!

An EASEL is an EASEL (not an easle) and it seems like some few of them could be shipping to europe soon. Also Buchla will be exhibiting on Musikmesse in Frankfurt again together with Doepfer, MFB, Haken, Manikin, Kenton, Vermona, Intellijel, Studio Electronics, KOMA, Rebel Tech, Macbeth studiosystems and finally Verbos electronics (tbc) with ALEX4 in Hall 5.1 booth C54.  Follow the links or join the show to learn more about their news and classics; youre very welcome.

Music Easle workshop

as_n_charlescohenThe Workshop with Charles Cohen as a CTM Event last week has been a very nice time, thank you for coming. Some of you could listen to the audio what could have been a bit confusing at least while the jam session with visitors was running. We made a little movie that will be released on Vimeo soon, we work on it and thank you for your patience.

..on air in your Radio now..

For those who did NOT get a ticked we run the radio frequency 95,2 Mhz at Kottbusser Tor now, so cruise your car around the cycle, dont count the rounds and listen to Charles Cohen and Wolfgang Seidel playing LIVE in Schneidersladen. Non freezing pedestriants could do the same with a radio in front our backdoor entry watching the event thru the glass from outdoors.


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