The small studio and live-setup synchronization-helpers by Audiowerkstatt can be incredibly valuable because they are made to solve problems. These are the kind of problems everyone who is making music with machines runs into from time to time. The best case would be that you either find a simple solution or an easy workaround, but sometimes its not that easy and this is where the Audiowerkstatt boxes come into play. To understand the basic functions of their synchronization boxes they made a small video series to explain all functions and settings of those tools.


Audiowerkstatt – MIDI-Restarter V2


Audiowerkstatt – MIDI-Clock-Multiplier V2


Audiowerkstatt – MIDI-Clock-Shifter V2


Audiowerkstatt – MIDI-Clock-Divider V2


Audiowerkstatt – DIN-Restarter V2


Audiowerkstatt – Din2midi2din V2