ame_zek Our Friend Ame Zek has his new album “Streams” out.

Ame Zek is a musician, composer and sound artist based in Berlin. His live performances in different constellations and his constant, research-driven process of making music steered him to the shores of microtonality and the abundant periphery of musicianship. Where music becomes sound ‒ that’s where Ame Zek forges his heavily saturated modulations and transformations. ‘S t r e a m s’ is his second full-length album, following Rostfrei LP (2014, Keep It Business).

is it contemporary elctronic music …. or how to discripe it?
….Streams are randomizations of movements, tempos and directions. They provide backgrounds, channel influences and thus condition our existence. Vigilant harnessing of these forces is imperative as they gather more and more nuances of unpredictability in the urban digital world. These surges signify all types of flows in our contemporary virtual and natural surroundings which include information about our emotional, spiritual and intellectual vitality. Streams are now all around us for us to feel them, to be intrigued by them, and also to be mindful when letting ourselves become entangled in them.As musical ‘reactions’ and creations streams are direct response on intense personal experience of the binding power of morphing underwater currents and digital algorhytmic changes  of today in one.