Matthew from ALM Busy Circuits is visiting SchneidersLaden for a special workshop on Thursday, 22nd of August at 7:30pm! His innovative and established eurorack designs have found their way into many many modular cases. Who wouldn’t miss modules like Pamela’s (New) Workout and the Akemies, for example. Also their latest release the sampler with the unpronounceable name Squid Salmple has the potential to push the creative flow of many artists.

Matthew is planning an entertaining and informative workshop. He is playing a performance and give an explanation of his patch and the modules involved – with a focus on Salmpler, Akemies and Pam. Prepare yourself for the Q&A and take the chance to get answers about ALM’s products from the maker.

Have a drink, enjoy the company and stay for a little chat with Matthew and the SchneidersLaden team. See you there!


If you are new to the topic of modular synthesizers, why not join the Modular Beginner Workshop at 6pm? For this date – the 22nd of August – SchneidersLaden invited a special guest to hold the workshop for you: Gammon is coming all the way from Austria to explain to you how to work with the fascinating machines called modular synthesizers. Learn more about this Modular Beginner Workshop special HERE.

How to find SchneidersLaden:

Kottbusser Tor above the REWE supermarket (use the door within the REWE entrance – ring the „schneidersladen” bell – and knock LOUD on the metal door on the first floor)