Thursday, May 03, 2018




Martin Schönauer and Stefan Lewin introduced a very impressive oscillator circuit at Superbooth 2018, the Multifunction Discrete VCO. As the name suggests, it is a fully discrete design based on a saw tooth core. The module consists of a VCO and a sub-oscillator. Both (!!!) feature outputs for sine, triangle, saw, ramp and variably wide pulse waveforms. By layering several waves, you can create extremely fat sounds. – Not exactly a surprise, as the circuit was inspired by classic Moog designs. For altering the main VCO’s pitch, there are coarse and fine tune controls. The latter is not just an average knob, but a 10-turn potentiometer. – We love the feel. Thanks to a linear detune option, pitch independent “beating” effects, as Martin calls them, can be achieved. The results are very musical and lively. On top of that, there are individual, voltage controllable PW / PWM sections with switchable carrier. Depending whether the saw, ramp or triangle shape is selected, the behavior while altering the pulse width changes.


As known from the Roland-based Variable Sync VCO, ACL’s Moog-style oscillator offers extensive synchronization options. In detail, you can crossfade between no sync, several degrees of soft sync and hard sync. Additionally, there is a switch to decide whether synchronization should happen on rising or falling edges. – This is important for maintaining the correct phase relation with some applications. A gate input makes it possible to restart the VCO. – Great for generating punchy basses and drums. An LFO mode allows you to use the module as a complex modulation source.

Last but not least, the FM functionality of the Multifunction Discrete VCO should be mentioned. There are linear and exponential inputs with attenuators. The linear FM can be used in an AC or DC mode.

The Multifunction Discrete VCO will become available in summer. Its price will be 860 Euro including German VAT (19%).

In other news, ACL will not only offer individual modules, cases and power supplies from now on, but a fully loaded modular system as well. It consists of the following circuits:

  • Two Variable Sync VCOs
  • Dual State Variable VCF
  • VC Panning Amplifier
  • Gate Mix
  • Oktave
  • Envelope X3
  • QLFO
  • VC Dual Delay
  • M/S Matrix
  • Audio Interface


For powering the system, ACL designed a high quality 4 HP module. It emits 1000 mA at +12 V and -12 V as well as 500 mA at +5 V. We admit, this data isn’t exactly mind-blowing. However, keep in mind that you don’t need to calculate any “headroom”, as known from other power supplies. For instance, you really can draw 1000 mA from the +12 V rail without ever worrying about overheating. The other specs scream high quality as well. This is why ACL decided to make the module available as an individual product as well. – We should have it in SchneidersLaden very soon. The price will be 225 Euro including German VAT (19%). The ACL modular system will also be available in a matter of weeks. Its price has yet to be determined.


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