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  • At regular irregular intervals Schneidersladen organizes special workshops with artists and manufacturers who are so kind to share their knowledge. Most of these special workshops are recorded and can be watched here on Stromkult.
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Workshop Videos

The Automat Toolkit by Dadamachines gives you an innovative opportunity to create music with everyday objects, drums, kalimbas, bottles and anything else that can be hit. Dadamachines presented their machines in this workshop at SchneidersLaden and celebrated that SchneidersLaden is the first retail-store worldwide to offer the Automat Toolkit. Learn more about this special product and future expansions in this video. 



George from UDO Audio presented their new synthesizer Super 6 in a workshop at SchneidersLaden. Enjoy the exploration of this fine instrument and the excellent jam session.




On November 14th 2019 Bitwig came to SchneidersLaden to present the symbiosis of modular synthesizers with software! Fredrik Astevall specifically explains the use of Bitwig Studio with external hardware.
With the use of a DC-coupled soundcard you can integrate both worlds (analog/digital) and use the benefits of both sides of the (USB) cable.




Vladimir Pantelic aka – creator of the Euclidean Circles and the new Quad Drum Voice came to SchneidersLaden for a workshop. We learned more about Vladimirs modules and the ideas behind them. He was joined by Matze from Instant who played some music for us.




[this time in german language]

Jessica Kert erzählt über ihre Erfahrungen mit dem Buchla Music Easel. Dieser Workshopabend stand im Zeichen des Buchla Music Easel und den Erfahrungen die man mit diesem ikonischen Instrument in den ersten Monaten macht. Jessica stellt den Music Easel vor, spielt einige Sounds an und erklärt woher ihre große Faszination für dieses Instrument kommt.



[this time in german language]

Carsten Rochow ist freier Musikjournalist für verschiedene Radiosender u.a. für die Sendung Tonart bei Deutschlandfunk Kultur. Einige Monate vor diesem Workshop kaufte er sich den Buchla Music Easel. Im Workshop bei SchneidersLaden berichtet er von seinen Erfahrungen mit diesem außergewöhnlichen Instrument.



In 2019 FLAME released a new synthesizer concept in standalone format – the Mäander. A beautiful sounding synthesizer with four-voice polyphony, a filterbank and a wavetable oscillator.

During a workshop at SchneidersLaden Thomas Wagner played this Mäander-centered live-performance. Wagner is known for his projects Flirren and Herr Blum.



Here we have Francois from Shakmat with an excellent performance and workshop about his modules. During the workshop he put a special focus on how to integrate his modules in a live performance.



Matthew from ALM Busy Circuits was visiting SchneidersLaden for a special workshop in August 2019! His innovative and established eurorack designs have found their way into many many modular cases. Matthew played a short performance and talked the audience through the patch he was using. This is an all ALM system – if you every wondered how this would sound like, this is your chance.



On August 15th 2019 Dan Snazelle payed SchneidersLaden a visit to talk about his work as a musician and manufacturer of musical instruments. During the workshop Dan presented a short live performance, similar to what he plays in clubs and he talked through his system. By focusing on his own modules he explained what purpose his own designs serve in a modular system that is dedicated to live performances.



Learn about the history and development of one of the most expressive and versatile electronic music instruments around! The Haken Continuum Fingerboard has been around for several years and is still being developed further and further. It gets its expressiveness from the incomparable surface that acts as the user interface and offers real-time continuous control in three dimensions for every finger that is placed on the playing surface! As well as presenting the Continuum Christophe brought a special speaker with him, to give us the very rare chance to hear the La Voix du Luthier Onde – this exceptional approach to the construction of a speaker.



Marc Sirguy came to SchneidersLaden to play a nice little performance on his machines and to show us his current line of products by Eowave. Especially the Quandrantid Swarm draw the attention of the audience.



Carolina Eyck gave a special Theremin Workshop at SchneidersLaden in 2018. Here is a short impression of the workshop, full of handy tips from one of the best Theremin players around.

…this time in German language.



INSTANT is a duo from Berlin Kreuzberg. During their workshop at SchneidersLaden in February 2019 they first played this nice performance and then talked us and our guests through their modular/computer setup – that they have been optimizing for about four years! So, a lot to learn for everyone who wants to take his or her modular on stage!



Bernhard Rasingers (BR Laser) impressive laser show on the terrace outside SchneidersLaden in late summer 2018.
The CV-controllable laser is moving in relation to what you hear. Audio and laser present themselves as a complex whole. After this performance Berhard gave a workshop about what he is doing how that works.



Kitmun not only play live great modular music – they also combine it with live visuals coming from a modular synthesizer. By mixing dedicated video modules with modules for audio they create a unique visual experience during their concerts.



Mutable Instruments keeps on surprising with new approaches to what modules for eurorack are capable of and constantly brings new ideas to this eco-system. In this workshop we learned about the new Mutable Instruments modules released in 2018. Also check out Part 1 if you haven’t already!




Being a concert rather than a workshop, the performance by Phonoschrank has left a lasting impression. The basis of his music is made with the help of two Soma Lyra-8 synthesizers – resulting in big walls of sound.


Stephane Lefrancois gave a workshop on his approach on video synthesis that he also uses for live shows as one half of Kitmun. Watch the full video to learn more about LZX Industries modules in combination with eurorack modules for audio.

Wowa Cwejman was so kind to give us an overview of his four new modules in the large showroom of SchneidersLaden. Watch the whole video for all updated aspects of the modules.

During this workshop at Schneidersladen it was all about trusty clocks, with the SND ACME4. Which can be described as an ultra-stable and versatile clock management system.

Mutable Instruments keeps on surprising with new approaches to what modules for eurorack are capable of and constantly brings new ideas to this eco-system. In this workshop we learn how a module takes shape and which challenges it has to master to make it to the market in the end.

Aditya is Animal Factory Amplification – his pedals are now also available for eurorack. Lear about the history and concept behind these extraordinary distortion units!

This workshop is about the very first product by Verbos Electronics designed and manufactured in Berlin.

Wowa Cwejman visited Schneidersladen and brought his latest module with him. A very special event with some rare insights into the work of this exceptional engineer.

Walker Farrell from Make Noise gave a very nice workshop about the specialties of this well-known and respected brand.

Richard Devine and Surachai held a workshop at Schneidersladen in 2017. Click on the picture to watch the recordng of this special event. (Part 2)

Richard Devine and Surachai held a workshop at Schneidersladen in 2017. Click on the picture to watch the recording of this special event. (Part 1)

The Surgen Workshop in 2016 was the first of all workshops at Schneidersladen that was recorded. what a great starting point for this series. Watch the video by clicking on the picture on the right.