workshoppic1In 2011 we took our modular stuff mounted up in a Karrussell to the Club Kater Holzig,Berlin for a gig during the Bermuda (Berlin Music days 2011). Carlo Krug, Tom, Paul and HerrSchneider was performing the furniture mixed down on the club PA by Thomas “sternchen” Stern.

This Video
 has been made to introduce the gig and the idea of the karrussell. In the end it was not the way as we expected it, but as Tom said in this “part 1“: “Its the nature of an experiment that it may fail” ..what was quite wise. Carlo stated “Less is mostly more”, but HerrSchneider confirmed that “we had some fun”, even after loads of work with it.

The Karrussell will be in use again now: HerrSchneider takes it to some venues and festivals over europe to perform some kind of sound and workshop again:
Vienna, Moozak Festival: 18./19. September
Munich, DigitalAnalog: 11./12. October
and Cologne, Synthesizer days inside Music Store: 15./16. October,
then back home to Berlin.