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SchneidersLaden presents SUPERBOOTH19

Barbara Morgenstern performed with the Chor der Kulturen der Welt and saxophon-player Christian Biegai live at SUPERBOOTH19.

The 2018 LP „Unschuld und Verwüstung“ is the eighth album by Berlin’s Electronica and Pop artist Barbara Morgenstern.

Her debut „Vermona ET 6-1“ was the first of seven albums to be released on Grudrun Gut’s label Monika Enterprise, like the collaboration album „Tesri“ with Robert Lippok.

Cristian Vogel is a British DJ and producer who currently lives in Berlin. In the 90s he worked with radio host Dave Clark on his first EP „The Infra EP“. It was followed by various releases, some on Mille Plateaux, also remixes for Thom Yorke, Radiohead and Maximo Park. Together with Jamie Lidell he formed the duo Super Collider.

“A voyage to the moon”

Peter Pichler is at present the only musician worldwide who is playing the Mixturtrautonium live. The instrument is Oskar Sala´s further development of Friedrich Trautwein’s Trautonium. First presented in 1930, the Trautonium is the predecessor of the synthesizer. A wider public became aware of the Mixturtrautonium through Oskar Sala´s soundtrack-work for Hitchcocks „The Birds“.

Richard Quirk plays live on a modular synthesizer mainly composed of AJH modules. This concert is part of the “lecture concert”-series at SUPERBOOTH19- where exhibitors present their products in a musical context.

Presentation of the SOMA Pulasar 23 drum generating synthesizer – sound and philosophy by SOMA’s founder and sound designer Vlad Kreimer.

Jeff Snyder and Josh Becker present the Snyderphonics Manta, a touch-sensitive hexagonal grid controller, and the Snyderphonics MantaMate, a Eurorack module that allows the use of the Manta as a powerful sequencer/keyboard for a modular synth.

Darrin Wiener presents the Random*Source Serge 4U in a live performance at SUPERBOOTH19.

All who know Christian Günther and his instruments, also knows that he stands for a guarantee for something quite special.
He builds very personal and high quality products and always brings fresh ideas for innovative performances.

Richard Devine with MODX & Modular System for Yamaha – live at SUPERBOOTH19.

Konstantin Gervis presents the Tiptop Audio modular line from the MISO to new cards for the Z-DSP.

Peter Nyboer showcased the Sensel Morph in a variety of contexts, with some explanation. Relying mostly on the expressive Buchla Thunder overlay, he performs with modular and soft synths, held together with a computer.

Explore the rich sonic possibilities of the Spherical Wavetable Navigator, a new six-voice playable instrument from 4ms Company. Starting with chords, melodies and drones, and working up to recording new wavetables from your own audio sources, Dan Green from 4ms Company showcases beginning and advanced techniques in a live performance that clearly demonstrates the principles at work.

Markus demonstrates a prototype of the “PL2 Logos”. Basing on the latest version of the SP0256-AL2 voice synthesis, the PL2 Logos additionally emulates the companion chip CTS256A-AL2 from 1986. Any text can be translated directly into allophones and transmitted via MIDI. Ploytec’s PL2 Synthesizer talks and sings!

Markus demonstrates a prototype of the “PL2 Logos”. Basing on the latest version of the SP0256-AL2 voice synthesis, the PL2 Logos additionally emulates the companion chip CTS256A-AL2 from 1986. Any text can be translated directly into allophones and transmitted via MIDI. Ploytec’s PL2 Synthesizer talks and sings!

Lots of new digital developments by Erica Synths, plus some analog designs, presented by different team members in a musical context at SUPERBOOTH19.

Soundmachines brings us a new touch module and more – this is the presentation of the E.T

Jan Hennig, a.k.a. Kabuki, is a veteran of the German Jungle/Bass/Hip-hop scene; a producer, DJ, and modular synth fanatic going back more than 20 years. In this presentation for Softube, he combines their software Eurorack system, Modular, with hardware modules to explore polyphonic patches and the creation of complex harmonies.

Skinnerbox worked with Ableton on their CV Tools. In this video they played a live set with this new technology.

Cuckoo gave a demonstration of the ZOIA, the grid based multi effects pedal, a modular synthesizer in pedal form.

With the advent of user sampling at the end of 2018, there now is a fantastic new ability for artists to use their custom sounds while creating electronic sound designs and cinematic soundscapes on both the Prophet X and XL synthesizers.

WMD: Practicing improvisation for live eurorack performances

Coming up with ideas on the spot can be a daunting, intimidating chore. However so is preparing an entire live set only to find out that it is the wrong vibe for the room. Alex from WMD dives into how to find ideas on the fly and how WMD is working towards making this goal easier with their new products.

Stephan Schmitt plays C15

The C15 is a keyboard instrument designed for performing musicians.
Stephan Schmitt, the founder of Nonlinear Labs, will play a number of short improvisations to demonstrate the sound spectrum and the live performance possibilities of the C15.

It’s all about sound.

Creating sound scapes with Jomox gear.


Last year we presented a glimpse of CVilization, our first Eurorack module. At that time we only had one of the operation modes working, and we were still thinking about future modes. Twelve months and a few board revisions later, we now have all four modes up and running, we are fine-tuning the firmware and are cautiously gearing up for beta-testing.

Mark Verbos presents a small all-Verbos-system and the philosophy behind the it. The system shows his latest modules with some additions like the Harmonic Oscillator.

Frap Tools presented their new sequencer USTA. First Simone explains the concept and design of the Sequencer and then Caterina Barbieri plays a short performance.

Max Rest presents the E-RM polygogo – a eurorack VCO based on polygonal synthesis.

Mathias Kettner is presenting the long-awaited Sinfonion module.

Michael Zähl presents his console AM1 and especially the CV-channel that was developed together with Mark Verbos. Mark Ernestus has also played an important part in the developmentof this very special analog mixing console. His way of working with analog consoles shaped the concept of the AM1.

UDO Audio Super 6 – with Sacha Ketterlin @SUPERBOOTH19

Novation Summit – with Chris Calcutt @SUPERBOOTH19

Roland – with Flavia Ferreira @SUPERBOOTH19

Humble Audio Quad Operator – Josh Humphrey @SUPERBOOTH19