Our beloved showroom at SchneiderLaden had to go through a lot of restructuring during the past years. What has always been the same is the incomparable atmosphere and the huge amount of instruments in it: Up to 400 eurorack modules in about 15 systems, more than 30 drum machines, effect units and stand-alone synthesizers and of course our synthesizer experts: Thomas, Franz, Benjamin and Jackie.

SchneiderLaden has always had the goal to be a place where you can truly survey every aspect of the instruments you are interested in, prior to buying it! And the showroom does not only bring people and instruments together, but also connects people to people. It is a place for creative minds, musicians, artists and anyone in between or on its way to becoming one. For that reason we are holding workshops almost every Thursday for beginners and experienced users at SchneidersLaden. Keep an eye on our event calenter as we are publishing dates and topics of these workshops there.

So, come by have a good time and maybe find your passion for (modular) synthesizers, so it has happened to Surgeon and many others.


Main Showroom



Second Showroom

Showroom II-1_s


Showroom II_s


And there is a “For Sale”-Rack in the Showroom, with 20% and 50% discount prices! The modules in these racks can only be bought in the store.