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Program for SUPERBOOTH18 announced!

SchneidersLaden presents: SUPERBOOTH18 SUPERBOOTH18 at FEZ Berlin - 03-05 May 2018 - Trade Fair for Electronic Musical Instruments. The latest developments in (modular) synthesizers, keyboards, effects, studio equipment and software. Almost 250 exhibitors from all...

Video: Wowa Cwejman @Schneidersladen with his new Cwejman MBC-3 Multiband-Compressor

As promised, here is the video of the Cwejman Event at Schneidersladen. Wowa Cwejman brought his new Multi-Band-Compressor module with him – the MBC-3. This rare opportunity to meet one of euroracks masterminds has brought some light to the development and design...
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Video: Modular synth workshop with Tobi Neumann and Fadi

In November Tobi Neumann and Fadi turned Schneidersladen showroom into a (private) lesson on how to use a modular synthesizer not only as inspirational or improvisational tool but as an instrument that seamlessly integrates within a professional studio environment and...
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Video: Walker Farrell of Make Noise – Workshop at Schneidersladen

Make Noise workshop in full feature-length! Grab some sweets or a beer and make yourself comfortable to watch the next workshop video from Schneidersladen. Walker Farrell of Make Noise held a workshop on the Shared System, new products and the company in general. This...
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Video: Richard Devine and Surachai – Workshop pt. 2

Richard Devine and Surachai visited the showroom at SchneidersLaden the day after their concert at Berghain. The best thing about it is that they have made a whole workshop out of it. Richard Devine showed his live rig and explained his unmistakable approach of...
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Video: Richard Devine and Surachai – Workshop at Schneidersladen

Richard Devine and Surachai visited the showroom in SchneidersLaden the day after their concert at Berghain. The best thing about it is that they have made a whole workshop out of it. Richard Devine showed his live rig and explained his unmistakable approach to...
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Video of Surgeon Workshop at SchneidersLaden

Herr Schneider is back with something new. During the next weeks there will be different releases of videos about workshops and performances from SUPERBOOTH17 and SchneidersLaden. Especially the workshop videos represent recent developments in the culture of Berlin’s...
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Random Output

NAMM 2018 – Deckard’s Dream

Replicants are not clones - The Black Corporation showed Deckard's Dream at the NAMM show 2018, an eight-voice polyphonic synthesizer designed by Roman Fillipov. Even though the instrument isn't brand-new, it was, most likely, the first chance for many people to lay...

What about…

is our category to give you ideas about products and their uses. It is a series of hopefully inspirational texts that are NOT supposed to be reviews.

What about… CV processing?

Using and working with control voltage (CV) in your modular synthesizer is essential, but often people tend to focus more on audio signals and audio effects. However there is a lot that can be done with CV signals to widen the potential of your modular synthesizer....
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Do you really know what you are doing? Oscilloscope comparison!

Using an oscilloscope is an excellent way to understand what happens to the signals in your modular system. The paths of the electrical current are as different as the modules used to process it. In complex patches, it can be confusing how and where your audio and...
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What about … filterbanks?

Shaping sounds is something to get lost in. Turning knobs on a new module for hours, without noticing how time flies by is something most synthesists have experienced before. The number of options to shape a sound are almost unlimited. Here we are looking at one...
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Modulars and physical modelling

How to bring physical modelling into your synthesizer First of all, what is physical modelling? “Physical modelling synthesis refers to sound synthesis methods in which the waveform of the sound to be generated is computed using a mathematical model, a set of...
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Break free! -> Micro tonality and “other” tunings

Musicians tend to not always comply with the norm and that's a good thing, where else should innovation come from? Who else but the artists in our society should move borders? Nevertheless, most musicians still go through this one door that ties them to a norm they...
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What about … Multi Effect Modules for Eurorack

Effect units are as common in recording studios and on stages as instruments are. Usually there are specialist units that excel at one specific task and multi effects units that are capable of providing several effects. These units often combine reverb, delay and...
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What about… classic and less classic analog VCOs

A square wave is a square wave and a sine a sine - right? Yes ... but on the other hand - no, not quite. Even with classic analog VCOs, that output classic waveforms like saw, square, triangle and sine there can be significant differences in their circuits, structure...
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What about … Sampleplayer?

Sampleplayer should not to be confused with samplers. The main difference is, sampleplayer can only play back samples that are somehow stored inside the module. Sometimes this storage is an internal memory that is more or less fixed and you have to work with the...
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What about … Sequencing short gates – TRIGGER

Trigger are shorter than gates but not at all less important, there are dedicated use cases for both. So what are triggers and gates good for? An ADSR will always stay behind its potential if only used with triggers. Because of the circuit that is responsive to not...
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Instant Lo-Fi Junky by ZVEX

There are many many modules available these days but there is nothing quite like the Instant Lo-Fi Junky by ZVEX. The circuit has been on the market for some years as a guitar pedal and was adapted as a eurorack module later. The functionality remains the same and...
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What about...


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