The Teichmann brothers have become an integral part of the trade fair in the short time that SUPERBOOTH is around. At SUPRBOOTH16, they introduced an almost unknown product, the MIDI-Looper. A small inconspicuous but incredibly useful product. At SUPERBOOTH17, the two brothers expanded their close relationship to the event. They offered several workshops for children where the young SUPERBOOTH guests could try their hand at the live performance of electronic music. With Andi and Hannes they had the perfect teachers.

And the two of them planned the panel discussion, which took place on the second day of SUPERBOOTH17, together with the organizers. Very interesting guests came to discuss topics such as the motivation for a life as musician, gender roles and discrimination in an allegedly tolerant and open scene. And finally they played a concert on the Seaside stage, the only one that was captured in 2017, you can find the recording of their performance at the end of this video.