Event Details


By Wolfgang Spahn

Level: basic
Costs: 180€ – materials incl. (14h / 2days)

VGA is a signal based on electric current makes hacking easy, therefor it is possibe to manipulate the signal with coils and magnetic fields. As VGA’s are similar to sound signals an easy transfer to sound and vice versa is possible. The “VGA & Sound Blender” is a small, analogue signal mixer and blender for VGA signals, sound-signals and all kind of other signals. It is even possible to mix in some of the signals provided by analogue synthesizers – perfect for live analog light-sound-performances.

What you will do during this workshop:
• hack the VGA signal of our computers.
• learn the basics about the VGA and how to manipulate, mix and sonificate the signals.
• build a “VGA & Sound Blender” and learn to use it with our sound- and video equipment.

Please follow this LINK to find more information about this workshop, how to register and what to bring with you.