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“From Silver Apples of the Moon to A Sky of Cloudless Sulphur, Revisited”

For Technosphärenklänge #4, Subotnick joins forces with Alec Empire and video artist Lillevan to create a new interpretation of his seminal work as well as other older and more recent compositions.

As a composer, musician, and initiator of the San Francisco Tape Music Center with Pauline Oliveros and Ramon Sender in 1961, as well as developing systems for live computer music, Morton Subotnick has advanced the evolution of electronic music in many ways. However, Silver Apples of the Moon would not have been possible to create without the revolutionary modular synthesis techniques created by the recently deceased Donald Buchla.

Valery Vermeulen: How to make music from deep space, Wall Street or biofeedback

Morton Subotnick: The Technological Big Bang: Tape Recorders, the Transistor & the Credit Card (a personal history)

Conversation with Morton Subotnick, Alec Empire, and Lillevan, moderated by Jan Rohlf (ctm)


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