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Beyond Discomfort: From Working on the Community
Festival SOHO in Ottakring 2018

The Modular Synthesizer Ensemble is invited to contribute its basic social-acoustic idea to the festival.
Making music in an ensemble is a common and very sensual process that includes even the smallest action on an equal basis. Equality and self-determination are not self-evident characteristics in our society. They must always be given the opportunity to be learned or lived. The ensemble offers a stimulating framework for this without directly referring to it. The project enables participants from heterogeneous and divergent social milieus to work together towards a common goal. Especially in view of the uncertainties in our current society, it is also the responsibility of music to promote communication among each other and to place common goals in the spotlight.

Public Workshops
Sa 9. June – 2pm – 6pm
Sa 9. June  –  7pm Presentation