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A participatory music project

The Modular Synthesizer Ensemble consists of a fixed set of 12 modular synthesizers. The members of the ensemble change from project to project and are guided by Gammon to develop compositions together and present them live as an ensemble. The analogue modular synthesizer enables the participants to experience the process of creating electronic sounds and to design them themselves. Starting from the individual sound material, they experiment, improvise, compose and interpret together. The result is a simultaneous invention and execution of electronic music.
The project is an equally exciting and unique musical and social-acoustic experience for experienced musicians, modular enthusiasts, as well as for interested people without previous knowledge. The musical process is focused on listening to each other and pursuing a common goal.

SO, 17.6.2018 – 10am
Workshop for participants between 14 and 18 years
Presentation 6pm / KAISTUDIO 1

Tickets and Infos: Elektronauten Festival