Event Details

A concert night full of musical adventures with modular synthesizers. On Modulab events we present artists that will bring their modular synthesizer setups for a visual and aural experience. Some will even start from scratch to see where they will end. Each with a total different character to emphasise the versatility and complexity of the modular sound engines. Theme “Rituals”: rituals are often deeply rooted and the origins often go far back in time. Rituals are the basis for the tonight’s performance or new rituals arise.


20:00 Geluidsdrug
An “elektronic jam sessios” by members of Geluidsdrug (soon more info).


21:00 Panenkov
Panenkov is the experimental electronic ambient moniker of the Dutch musician Marlon Penn.


22:00 Kristian Jarich
Inspired by natural instruments and sounds Chris Mulder aka Kristian Jarich creates an hybrid atmosphere consisting of organic and galactic textures in a harmonic context.


The venue opens at 19:30, drinks available at the bar (cash only).
Entrance fee € 5 (online first 10 “Early Birds” 4,50 available till november 17 11:00).

More info here.