Event Details

Program of the day: For music producers, sound designers, composers and all other interested people – a MAX/MSP/Jitter – Workshop with Federico Federaro and Johann Niegl will be offered during the day (11-17 o’ clock). The topic this time is an introduction to MAX/MSP with a focus on Visual Art. In the hall there is a synthesizer flea market, which is also accompanied by electronic live music. Bring your treasures, someone else might be able to use them better. There are modular synths to play along with a sound synthesis workshop! EINTRITT FREI! Food and beverages are provided!

Program at night: Electronic live music – strictly live acts. You won’t find turntables and CDJs. In addition to Techno a la “Techno, Live!” there are also live acts from other realms of electronic live music! Music on 2 floors!


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