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DIY Synth & Soundbox Workshop / Berlin

LeafAudio is offering two more experimental kits to build at this workshop and a eurorack VCO: Microphonic Soundbox, NoiseFoc & VCO-1

From the workshop description:

The Microphonic Soundbox is an experimental instrument, that can be seen as a sound design tool. Depending on how you integrate it in a soft- or hardware setup, it lets you really enter unheard and otherworldly sound spheres. You could play it into mixing desks, complex software patches, loopers or modular synths. It is made for sound exploration and research and creating unheard musical sounds.

The NoiseFoc is an experimental VCO (Oscillator) with light control and power starving. Good for drones, noise or non 1V/Oct stuff. It features 3 Oscillators: 2 controlled by potentiometers, 1 with a fix freq or light control. CV In, diode mixed Out, resistor mixed Out. It’s also nice as a CV source for crazy modulations.

VCO-1 is an analogue VCO for the modular Eurorack system. VCO-1 is temperature stable and provides a clean 1V/oct tracking over 5 octaves. Outside of the workshops, you can buy the VCO in their shop Exploding Shed.


The Microphonic Soundbox gained some attention at SUPERBOOTH17!

The workshop is part of the Sample Music Festival.

More info on the workshop here.