Event Details


Three days of electronic music, synthesizers, great people and a very welcoming atmosphere. Earlier this month Ginko Modular Fest – a modular synthesizer event – happened in The Hague. The festival was hosted in De Besturing for the most part; a nice large and raw looking industrial building that is an excellent backdrop for showcasing the DIY synth scene.

Around 30 manufactures of modules, synthesizers and cases presented and sold their products at the event. Next to big names like MOOG and Doepfer there were quite a few small and local manufacturers from Holland around, like Falafular, Error Instruments and Gijs Gieskes.

The Ginko Modular Fest website claimed: What would a modular meet be without getting some serious soldering done? Therefore you had the opportunity to participate at a workshop building a drone synth named The Creep Cluster or a eurorack module by Falafular. And one could have also gained knowledge (not wisdom) during the tech-talks.

The musical performances of Ginko Modular Fest offered an impressive amount of modular made music from well known artist like Colin Benders and Mark Verbos or local specialties like Allert Aalders, co-founder of Sonar Traffic Studio based at Kytopia in Utrecht. With these and a lot of other great musicians you had the chance to shake a leg during the performances that went on deep into the night.