Event Details

The Bubblesound workshop could not be confirmed and an alternative plan has been made. Here is what the organisers announced:

Stammtisch by Berlin Modular 2018-Apr-11

Plans change but some backup plans are a guarenteed fail-safe so we’re hosting the informal Stammtisch as an official Berlin Modular event this time around 🙂
We’ll meet in the front room of the Spektrum where there’ll be plenty of room to make a giant chat circle or we can split up into smaller groups as the evening progresses to focus on a DIY prototype or discuss the merits of Banana jacks and cables or the pros and cons of SMT/SMD 😉

This event is open to absolutely everyone: newbies, the curious about Modular, the veterans and the regulars. Come along and hopefully be surprised to find a collaborator or someone who shares your passion for the BeFaCo Rampage but surprises you because they also have and use the Maths 😉

The Spektrum has a nice selection of various drinks ranging from hot teas to various beers and non-alcohol beverages.”


Here is the older announcement for the canceled workshop:

#DIY workshop / talk with #Bubblesound Coming 11TH of APRIL Spektrum – art science community

Module list:
SeM20 – 115€*
VCOb – 125€*
uLFO – 140€*

Send an e-Mail at Berlinmodular@gmail.com to book your spot!

For more info please check out:

* 5€ of the price goes to Spektrum for hosting the event.

More info here.