Event Details

Sunday there is a DIY synthesizer workshop at Spektrum, Berlin. Not modular, just a simple fun sound machine. Here are some infos from the organisers:

“In this workshop we will build an experimental sound machine on the basis of a digital logic chip (40106) that was not made to work with sound. With this chip we can create up to six different voices at the same time – polyphonie. We start we three. Participants learn about the basic circuits, the chip and Andrea Lange will show how different electronic elements influence the sound. While experimenting with different values of the pots etc… everybody can create a unique diy instrument. You will learn how to use a breadboard and how to solder
No experience or knowledge needed.”

when: sunday 17th december 11:30-18:00
costs: 50 € incl. materials
max 6 participants

for more information and how to register for this workshop, please follow this link.