Event Details

24 Hours soldering marathon @ c-base!

Befaco will be back in Berlin pretty soon! And this time they are preparing a very special workshop: A 24 hours non-stop workshop!

Yes, 24 hours of DIY madness, soldering galore and lots of synth freaks!
There will be more manufacturers and activities announced, for example that Jan Willem from Ginko will be joining the marathon! So you can also build his modules during the event!

The time: from 18:00 to 18:00. You can jump in at any time and leave at anytime. Or spend the 24 hours at c-base as a true DIY Maniac!
WARNING: As per c-base house rules, sleeping is not allowed in the spaceship!! So bring your favorite Soda Mate 😉

As usual, there is a minimum amount of people required to be registered for the workshop to happen, so please register following this link.
Also, spots are limited to 20 people. so be quick to register!!

Befaco modules available and prices are:

A*B+C 95,00€

Joystick 100,00€

MIDI Thing 125,00€

Instrument Interface 125,00€

Crush Delay v2 135,00€

BF-22 140,00€

Rampage 170€

Dual Atenuverter 65,00€

Power Bus 60,00€

Spring_Reverb 140,00€

VC Slew Limiter 70,00€

Sampling Mod. 125,00€

Even VCO 130,00€

Mixer 55,00€

Output Module 85,00€

VC ADSR 110,00€

Hexa VCA 175,00€

INamp 60,00€

Jumpskiff 200,00€

Chopping Kinky 125,00€



More info here.