SPRAWL_VOICES #408 seems to be a very promising event, where you have the opportunity to hear a multichannel performance and not the usual stereo gigs you are used to. 5 modular / semi-modular synthesizers, live spatialized on a multichannel system – SPRAWL_VOICES is in search for the real cyberpunk sound. http://spektrumberlin.de/events/detail/sprawl-voices-408.html Doors: 19:30 Start time: […]

A new performance night exploring the boundaries where music and performance art meet. With The Hellfire Project, Hainbach, Sentire and a DJ set from Ambeyoncé. Here are some sentences from the events facebook page: Based out of Berlin, Germany, electronic music composer and perfomer Hainbach creates shifting audio landscapes THE WIRE called “One hell of […]

The 25th edition of basic electricity seems to be a special one: Mark Verbos and Perpetual Ash will be performing. Both beeing experts on the subject of traditional 60s and 70s westcoast synthesis and for transforming it into exciting and expressive new art.   From the Basic Electricity website: Mark Verbos makes music and modules. […]