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XAOC Devices Workshop //October 18th @SchneidersLaden

On October 18th Schneidersladen welcomes XAOC Devices from Poland as our guests. They will be showing some of their latest developments and explain the highly complex and powerful Zadar – an ultra flexible envelope generator and so much more. It is equipped with an OLED screen and almost endless options to create up to four extremely precise and complex envelopes. Or take a look at the “Binary Conversion Komputor” called Drezno. This unique module consists of AD/DA converters that let you extract gates from audio signals and audio signals from gates – which is only a very condensed description...

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Kreisferkeer Flaake – live @SUPERBOOTH18

Live electronic music by Kreisferkeer Flaake at SUPERBOOTH18 on May the 4th 2018 – improvised for this evening and for this place. All Kreisferkeer Flaake performances are improvisations – That’s why the music is different each and every time, oscillating somewhere between Dancefloor, Ambient and Experimental. No tricks, no props, no safety net, instead music and sounds are created on the spot and just for the moment. What you hear is what you get: three humans with their electronic sound machines – and no computers. Live electronic music by Kreisferkeer Flaake at SUPERBOOTH18 on May the 4th 2018 –...

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DigitalAnalog 2018 in Munich – with SchneidersLaden

On Thursday SchneidersLaden is about head off towards Munich to participate at the very special DigitalAnalog Festival – once again bringing the famous Karusell to become an organically played instrument. Putting the joy of exploration at the center of our activities we will also install a fine selection of european modular synth systems on a 5m long table equipped with headphones for silky smooth look and feel experience! Systems shown will include ACL, Analogue Systems, Endorphines, Frap Tools, SND, TouellSkouarn, Verbos Electronics and Vermona. We hope to see you there to celebrate, discuss and enjoy the music we all...

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Max Loderbauer & Tobias Freund as NSI @SUPERBOOTH18

Max Loderbauer and Tobias Freund have been producing and playing under the name NSI for years. Finally on Superbooth18 they played this great set with not one of their countless modulars on stage, creating wonderful atmospheres for the seated audience. As all other concerts at SUPERBOOTH18 this performance has been documented. Watch the complete concert here:...

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TouellSkouarn concert and workshop // October 4th @SchneidersLaden

On the 4th of October (7:30pm) we have TouellSkouarn as our guest. The company that develops and manufactures eurorack modules was founded in 2010 by Gaël Loison, musician (Dale Cooper Quartet, Noroeste, Maman Küsters…) and graphic designer (Ultra Rapide Canari). He dedicated his brand to the design, manufacturing and sale of analog electronic musical instruments. The brand has distinguished itself internationally by its special design, its sound, the use of Breton language and creamy distortions. The very good reputation of TouellSkouarn was enhanced by the use of TouellSkouarn products by great musicians (Depeche Mode, Yann Tiersen, Gareth Jones, Blawan,...

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