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Video: Workshop on video synthesis – Stephane Lefrancois and the LZX Industries Visual Cortex

Stephane Lefrancois – from Lacroix Studios and one half of Kitmun – gives us an overview about his usage of LZX Industries video synthesis modules during this workshop at SchneidersLaden, that has been recorded in April. His relaxed and nondogmatic approach on this topic shows that there is a lot to explore and that it is possible to get great results even if you’re more familiar with modular synthesizers for audio. One great thing about this kind of synthesis is: it is partly usable with eurorack modules for audio – which makes this a possible new playground for everyone...

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What about… some modern classics?

Oldie but Goldie? There are certainly some modules that drifted out of focus, especially to new users of modular synthesizers. Today we will be retrospecting on modules that have been around for a long time and are still available. Looking back at the beginning of the eurorack format,  it was quite easy to keep track of new developments – there was Doepfer from Germany and there was Analogue Systems from the UK. Both are still around and offer most of the modules they produced until today. And now it is even possible to put AS modules into a Doepfer...

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Islaja on the sunny Seaside Stage @SUPERBOOTH18

Islajas hypnotic, beautiful music on the Seaside Stage during SUPERBOOTH18. Islaja is Merja Kokkonen: a composer, performer and recording artist based in Berlin, Germany. Since her debut in 2004, she has released several albums on Finland’s Fonal Recordsan and other labels. The most recent album Tarrantulla came out on Svart Records in December 2017. She earned quick praise in the international music press for her unique vocal style and daring DIY approach to music composition – which you can hear on this video recording. In addition to her solo work, she also performs with Monika Werkstatt, an all-female collective...

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Cwejman Workshop @SchneidersLaden – The video!

At the beginning of July SchneidersLaden had the opportunity to welcome Wowa Cwejman again. The occasion was the release of his four new modules. Wowa Cwejman was so kind to give us an overview of these modules in the large showroom of SchneidersLaden. We wrote down some of the updated aspects of the modules here, but make sure to check out the full video below for all new features and sound examples. AP-1 Mk2 got some major revision, there is a compression ratio knob now, the mic input is a state-of-the-art circuit with with phantom-power. There is a new...

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The high-end synthesizer manufacturer GRP enters eurorack – Update: NOW AVAILABLE

The first batch of modules by GRP arrived in Berlin! We are very much looking forward to try these Italian modules that promise to bring the outstanding quality of GRPs stand-alone synthesizers to eurorack. Not only high-quality parts and manufacturing distinguish this manufacturer, but also their sense for details. For example: an audio through path in an envelope-follower module or the lovely VU-meters on the output module or a through path for gate signals in an ADSR or this ultra-wide-range octave switch on the VCO module or the feature list of the two available filters: separate outputs AND an...

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