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Video: Carolina Eyck @SUPERBOOTH18

The next workshop guest at SchneidersLaden is Carolina Eyck. The famous Theremin player is going to show you how to master this very special instrument. In May 2018 she performed at the sunny Seaside Stage at SUPERBOOTH18. To get into the mood for the workshop at SchneidersLaden (September 6th) and get an idea of Carolinas incredible skills please watch the video below. Carolina Eyck @ SUPERBOOTH18 from HerrSchneider on...

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This was Schaltzentrale at Atonal 2018

  Many thanks to all artists, guests, helpers and organizers who made the Modular Schaltzentrale at Berlin Atonal so special this year! Together we made this an exceptional event with lots of musical highlights! Here are some impressions of what you missed if you have not been there.   See you soon! -> maybe at one of our workshops -> every Thursday 6pm     Here is a first video of Schaltzentrale: Jessica Kert was the opening act on Wednesday and she already set the bar very high for the other artists. Everyone involved did a wonderful job and...

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Theremin Workshop with Carolina Eyck @SchneidersLaden

Theremin Workshop at SchneidersLaden with Carolina Eyck – one of the most prominent theremin players worldwide! She developed a special playing technique that leads to extraordinary results. In 2006, Carolina published the first extensive theremin method book entitled “The Art of Playing the Theremin”, available in german and english. The 8-finger-technique described in this book can be learned or witnessed in lectures, workshops, concerts and performances by Carolina Eyck all over Europe. In September you have the chance to be part of a special Theremin Workshop at SchneidersLaden by Carolina Eyck: September 6th at 7:30pm. Carolina will bring her very...

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Modular Schaltzentrale – Atonal Festival with SchneidersLaden

For the forth time SchneidersLaden will host the Modular Schaltzentrale at Atonal. Every night the invited artists will perform in this unique former control room of the Kraftwerk. Therefor SchneidersLaden puts together  several modular synthesizer of different size and shape – the concept is to explore new modular narratives with these special machines. The program of Schaltzentrale will be running each night of the festival concurrently with the concerts on the main stage. Situated within the old control room of the Kraftwerk – the Schaltzentrale offers a unique platform for intimate and surprising musical experiments on the selected modular...

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Whats new?

The products of three new manufacturers arrived at SchneidersLaden! All three produce eurorack modules but only two are making modules for audio. That said, LZX Industries video modules are now available! These fine modules are made for video synthesis – but the nice thing is, you can combine them with eurorack modules from Doepfer or other manufacturers. In one of our last workshops at SchneidersLaden, Stephane Lefrancois explained how he adds a simple Doepfer Matrix Mixer to his video rack. And this is also possible the other way round – you could use an LZX Sensory Translator as a...

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