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SUPERBOOTH18 discounted ticket sale ends at 31December!

The year 2017 is coming to an end and with it the SUPERBOOTH18 discounted ticket sale on December 31 2017. Make sure to get your discounted tickets until the end of the year. In just a little more than four months the third Superbooth will happen at FEZ-Berlin, so the preparations are already in full swing. You can expect even more exhibitors and an expanded supporting program. This time from May 3rd until May 5th, 2018. Exhibitors, artists and guests have created this special welcoming and friendly atmosphere that makes Superbooth the incredible event it has been since the...

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MFB Gesprächskonzert @SUPERBOOTH17

Gesprächskonzerte are supposed to be product presentations with a concert part that fills at least half of the time. MFB did a very nice job at SUPERBOOTH17, they presented their new products in a very danceable fashion. The Gesprächskonzert showed the new Dominion Club, Nanozwerg Pro, Digital Delay and their well-known drum machines. The whole performance is done entirely with MFB products and shows the wide palette of products they offer these days.  ...

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Workshops @Schneidersladen 2018!

Every second and fourth Thursday there is a workshop at Schneidersladen. Hundreds of modular beginners and experts take part in the DON’T PANIC (beginner) and P-A-T-C-H-I-N-G (advanced) workshops each year. This year some of the P-A-T-C-H-I-N-G workshops were hosted by special guests like Richard Devine and Surachai, Walker Farrell and Tobi Neumann. These spechial workshops were recorded and edited and can be found here. In 2018 Schniedersladen wll continue to help newbies to get into eurorack and experts to improve their knowledge. On December 14th 2017, the last workshop of this year, was hosted by Schneidersladen employee Miquel (find...

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Video: Modular synth workshop with Tobi Neumann and Fadi

In November Tobi Neumann and Fadi turned Schneidersladen showroom into a (private) lesson on how to use a modular synthesizer not only as inspirational or improvisational tool but as an instrument that seamlessly integrates within a professional studio environment and workflow. Tobi Neumann’s career spans 2 decades as DJ and producer for labels like Cocoon, Playhouse and artists like Miss Kittin, Chicks on Speed and 2Raumwohnung. He is also what one could call an early adaptor of Eurorack and a longtime and cherished customer of our little store. Together with Fadi he forms a highly productive team. Their homebase...

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About André Gonçalves alias ADDAC @SUPERBOOTH17

SUPERBOOTH is not only about technical aspects of new instruments, it is also about meeting the people behind the brand names. In this video you are getting an insight into André Gonçalves artist career before he started ADDAC and developed an impressive line of modules. He is a good example for many of the module makers that will be present at SUPERBOOTH18 again – many of them are artists and started their companies as an expression of their creative characters. This is the driving force behind the ever evolving inovations that are achieved in the wide field of electronic...

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