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Workshop with Lady Starlight at SchneidersLaden

In November SchneidersLaden will continue with the last Workshopseries for this year – and we will start with a real highlight! A few days after her live performance at Berghain, Lady Starlight will open the next workshop series at SchneidersLaden. As a long-time friend and customer, Lady Starlight was already invited by SchneidersLaden to play at Berlin Atonal, at the Modular Schaltzentrale, this year. Together with Mark Verbos she presented 3 hours of uncompromising and improvised modular techno. So expect some excellent, raw, straightforward music made with modular machines and get some insights into Lady Starlights career and work...

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DICE 2018 | Modular Synthesizer workshop w/ Schneidersladen

Here is something interesting for all that can’t make it to our weekly workshops every Thursday! A workshop by SchneidersLaden with Jessica and Jackie on Saturday at DICE 2018: “On 3 November, Jessica and Jackie from Schneidersladen will unveil the secrets behind the mysterious blinking and sound spitting machines. What actually is an oscillator? What is a VCA and what are the function generators? How do the individual components relate to each other? All your questions will be answered and you can get literally in touch with the machines that Schneidersladen will bring over. Jessica and Jackie will bring...

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Lost&Found at SchneidersLaden

Lost&Found came to visit SchneidersLaden for the Phonoschrank concert some weeks ago. They made a nice dystopian video – perfect for the music made by Phonoschrank during his concert that night. You also get so see some impressions from the weekly SchneidersLaden Modular Beginner Workshops.   Enjoy the video!...

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Radio Feature about Synthesizers by Radio Bremen Zwei

Radio Bremen Zwei made a special about our favorite electronic machine: The Synthesizer. The show is called “Sirenenklänge aus der Wundermaschine” – which translates to something like “Siren sounds from the miracle machine” and reflects the whole history of electronic musical instruments, beginning with Thaddeus Cahills Instrument Telharmonium. Walter Weber also talks to HerrSchneider and Dieter Döpfer and the current situation of electronic musical instruments – so make sure to have a listen!   We thank Walter Weber for his visit at SchneidersLaden and his intwerview with HerrSchneider and now all listen to the show online. Make sure to...

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A look back at DigitalAnalog 2018

  DigitalAnalog 2018 is over – It has been very nice being able to take part in this unusual festival held in Munich’s iconic Gasteig. Sad to say the city’s council will tear down this location in order to make space for something new and posh to battle Hamburgs new opera house. But before that is going to happen we will definitely join the following edition of DigitalAnalog in 2019 with an even bigger modular playground and surely perform live as well. The interest in modular instruments and our Karusell was very high again and we are glad to report...

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