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Workshop Videos! FRAP TOOLS / XAOC / VERMONA

Before we start the next series of workshops at SchneidersLaden, we owe you a documentation of past events – that’s what we share with you today! Below you will find three previously unpublished videos of the 2018 workshops. We start with the workshop by XAOC Devices, who are going in depth about their most mysterious, yet so powerful module – the Drezno! This video can be seen as a tutorial to the creative use of analog to digital conversion. During the last part of this video they also talk about their upcoming mega-VCO – the Odessa! The second video...

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Bernhard Rasinger / BR Laser – Performance at SchneidersLaden

Bernhard Rasingers played this impressive laser show on the terrace outside SchneidersLaden in late summer 2018. The CV-controllable laser is moving in relation to the what you hear. Audio and laser present themselves as a complex whole. After this performance Bernhard gave a workshop about what he is doing how that works. The idea behind this and all other workshops at SchneidersLaden is to give insights into the work of manufacturers and artists that you would not find on any website or magazine. So this was the perfect occasion for our guests (and ourselves) to learn more about the...

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Verbos Control Voltage Processor & Mini Horse – NAMM 2019 News

Verbos presented two new modules here at NAMM. And with both of them we really have to stress: While at first glance – with all the uber-news surrounding NAMM – they might not be too spectacular they both definitely deserve a second look. And while they work of course especially well with Verbos modules and systems, they will also drastically improve the performance options of every other system! Verbos – Control Voltage Processor The new Verbos module is a control voltage processor designed for live performance. It is composed of a slew limiter / envelope and two identical four channel CV and/or audio-mixers. The upper section is the slew limiter, which can also be triggered like a AD envelope. It features voltage controlled rise and fall time as well as adjustable slopes – independent of the time-base!  And then there is a special function called „bounce”. It pushes the envelope to overshoot/speed up for a short amount of time and then fall back to “normal”. It is one of these features that you will not want to miss once you heard it in action. The lower section houses the two mixers.  Input 1 and 2 are attenuvertors, while Input 3 and 4 are accessed via a CV controllable DC-coupled crossfader. All inputs share one output which can also be offsetted by +/- 5v. Since you get two mixing sections...

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ACL Sinfonion – NAMM 2019 News

ACL presents a fairly well-advanced prototype of the long awaited Sinfonion! This quantizer, arpeggiator …. music theory in module form… is almost ready for production and preorders are taken here! Please notice that the buttons are going to be the round ones shown on this picture, older prototypes showed square buttons. The ACL Sinfonion is an innovative harmonic processor. It features three independent quantizers, a four-voice chord generator and an arpeggiator. Furthermore there is a complex progression sequencer, which lets you create full-blown songs with four parts and up to 32 sections. – An amazing tool for making complex music with your modular...

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Flame Mäander – NAMM 2019 News

  Flame showed a prototype of their first desktop synthesizer at the NAMM show 2019. The Mäander (with umlaut) as it is called comes as a surprise to us. A good one. In every way! Thanks to its digital oscillator, an offspring of the 4Vox Eurorack module with four voices of four wavetable oscillators each, the Mäander is capable of generating an astonishing spectrum of sounds. Huge basses, velvety soft to metallic leads and pads as well as a wide range of effect sounds can be created in no time. The highlight of the instrument is its flexibly controllable, fully analog filter bank with twelve bands and eight filter types. In detail, you can find high-pass, three band-pass, notch and low-pass modes as well as combinations thereof. Also this filterbank has a Eurorack sibling – the Flame Curves. Here at NAMM we obtained very articulated, vocal-like sound results through this. Something that left us very impressed. A synth-architecture like this demands many modulation sources:  two LFOs with variable shape as well as sync, re-trigger and one shot modes, an ADSR envelope plus a nifty live sequencer are all integrated. The latter is more of a complex, yet easy to handle arpeggiator generating up to four “notes” and up to twelve filter channel tracks. Here we go! Being a fusion of all the unusual concepts Flame presented over the past...

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