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Become a part of Gammon’s Modular Synthesizer Enseble in the Ernst Krenek Forum.

The Modular Synthesizer Ensemble by Gammon will be open for public registration for the first time this January. Anyone can apply for one of the open positions in this project. It will take place on 28th of January in Krems-Stein, Austria. If you want to be part of this project please apply until the 15th of Janury. Find all information via this LINK. The Modular Synthesizer Ensemble operates with fixed instruments and changing instrumentation. 10 Modular Synthesizers are the starting point for the participatory music project with the aim of presenting electronic music live as an ensemble. The two...

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Skinnerbox performing @SUPERBOOTH17 – Gesprächskonzert for

The Gesprächskonzert by Skinnerbox shows how easy and effective an Shuttle System can be used on stage and what makes it special. “Playing live electronic music should be fun”, therefor the auto-tuning functionality of the Shuttle System by is a very welcomed feature that recently also released as a standalone module – the Autopilot. The Skinnerbox performance can be seen as one of the more intense Gesprächskonzerte at SUPERBOOTH17....

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What about … filterbanks?

Shaping sounds is something to get lost in. Turning knobs on a new module for hours, without noticing how time flies by is something most synthesists have experienced before. The number of options to shape a sound are almost unlimited. Here we are looking at one obvious way to sculpt sound – filtering. When you take the concept of a filter and implement it several times into one module it results in something that is called filterbank. This type of circuit consists of a number of filters most times sharing one input and one output. The input signal passes...

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SuperKarussell @CCC #34c3

please listen to what the SuperKarussell has to say*: Whoa, look! @ZDF@heutejournal featured me on their nice vid about #34c3: Weeee \o/ ..and folks still keep on rocking on me. It is quite epic – so tune in on 87.52 MHz in Halle 2 =) — SuperKarussell (@SuperKarussell) 28. Dezember 2017   *The SuperKarussell is a rotating synthesizer installation from Schneidersbuero and Schneidersladen. Six modular synthesizers are playable on this machine. The result is then output by speakers and a radio signal on 87.52...

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Herman Gillis with his legendary Sherman Filterbank at SUPERBOOTH17

At SUPERBOOTH17 we were given a rare honour: Herman Gillis demonstrated his legendary Sherman Filterbank at SUPERBOOTH17. In 1996, the first prototypes of the Sherman Filterbank came out, the official website states: “The first Filterbanks that were marketed in 1996 were hand-built, and only 40 pieces were made. These prototypes did not have MIDI. At the same time, the designer Herman Gillis also made 9 Sherman CHAOSBANKS. After a lot of people asked for more Filterbanks and Chaosbanks, Herman decided to update the prototype model of the Filterbank with MIDI and at that time, he added even more features...

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