Author: Timm

What about … Verzerrer? (distortion / overdrive / fuzz)

What do you expect your modular synthesizer to sound like? Warm, bright and clean, maybe? What about harsh, destructive and aggressive? If that is your goal then a dedicated module for this task should be in your rack. In this post we are talking about some candidates that are specialists for distortion, fuzz and overdrive. And to be honest, warm, bright, harsh and aggressive do not exclude themselves. They might not always be achievable at the same time but it is all in these versatile distortion, overdrive or fuzz modules. Let’s do a little excursion first. What is the...

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Gammons Modular Synthesizer Ensemble at DEFINE festival

(All pictures by Lars Salomonsen) Gammons MODULAR SYNTHESIZER ENSEMBLE has been on tour during November 2017. We have already published some thoughts about his project in Bludenz that can be found here. Earlier in November he was at DEFINE festival in Sønderborghus, Denmark. “Ny Kunst i Sønderborg” organises an annual festival with the aim of presenting innovative, pioneering artists. At the same time, Define University will be held with a series of workshops, the results of which were presented as part of the festival’s program. This year, the topic “modular” was examined from three different perspectives. Digital, with Johan Eriksson (SE)...

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DON´T PANIC! Beginners Workshop. December 14th/ 6PM

Hello modular newbies! December 14th, 6pm, we’re holding a workshop for modular beginners in our beloved and once again rearranged SchneidersLaden showroom. Our goal is that you can confidently make your own first patch afterwards and have a good time. And also meet likeminded people! Although we are nerds we won’t get too technical.  Along the way we will show you basic patch techniques, the workings of our showroom, as well as tell you some stories about the history of (modular) synths and the ever evolving Eurocrack scene. Starts at 6pm / Kotti above REWE (use the door at REWE...

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Gino Robair and Tom Djll @Schneidersbuero talking about stagediving at SUPERBOOTH18 and Rammstein

Gino Robair and Tom Djll, both from San Francisco and Members of “Große Abfahrt” and plenty of other famous music groups and projects came over to Schneidersbuero in between a gig at Glasgow Improviser Orchestra with their Tender Buttons project and another one in Berlin at Spektrum. The two and Herr Schneider talked about SUPERBOOTH18, rooms, artists, options and news. Gino was already playing a smart gig on the Seaside Stage this year but unfortunately this has not been recorded, so now we are very much looking forward to see them stagediving on the upcoming SUPERBOOTH18 in the Konzertsaal1...

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WhoMadeWho and DIFFUS Magazin @SchneidersLaden

Yesterday we had a nice visit from WhoMadeWho and DIFFUS Magazin, they shot an interview in SchneidersLaden showroom. Jeppe, Tomas and Tomas took the chance and turned the showroom into a stage and the interview turned into an improvised jam session for some time. It was a very welcome visit and we are looking forward to the video on

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