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Nonlinear Labs @SUPERBOOTH17 – Dietrich Pank and the C15

Something special for the Keyboard fans -> watch Dietrich Pank playing a very special Synthesizer designed by Native Instruments founder Stephan Schmitt- the Nonlinear Labs C 15. At Superbooth more and more keyboards synthesizers and other keyboard instruments are present, and for Nonlinear Labs SUPERBOOTH18 will be the third appearance. The C 15 is a unique instrument, designed for playability and detailed sound editing. Lots of expression can be transferred to a life performance. This is an instrument designed to be played on by hand and on stage! Nonlinear Labs will be present at SUPERBOOTH18 again – at booth...

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Special Workshop – MARCH 22nd, 6PM @SchneidersLaden -> lets talk about SEQUENCERS!

Hello modular newbies! March 22/6PM, we will give a Special Workshop in our once again expanded SchneidersLaden showroom. We are doing another workshop! Mark the date on your calendar and come by, learn something about the fascinating world of sequencing in eurorack. Three members of our Schneidersladen team present to you noteworthy or interesting sequencers for eurorack modular synthesizers. Our goal is to give you some new perspectives and ideas on sequencers and to discuss pros and cons of different concepts to find out what it is you are searching for in a sequencer for your rack. The sequencers we are...

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Video: Wowa Cwejman @Schneidersladen with his new Cwejman MBC-3 Multiband-Compressor

As promised, here is the video of the Cwejman Event at Schneidersladen. Wowa Cwejman brought his new Multi-Band-Compressor module with him – the MBC-3. This rare opportunity to meet one of euroracks masterminds has brought some light to the development and design process of the outstanding Cwejman modules. Wowa Cwejman is a self-taught engineer of perhaps the most sought-after modules in eurorack. He always wanted to build pro-audio equipment and  we are lucky that he has chosen the eurorack track for building his unique instruments. This way it is possible to not only have outstanding signal generators but also unique...

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Frap Tools // Special Workshop // March 15th, 6PM @SchneidersLaden

On Thursday 15th of March Simone from Frap Tools will be at Schneidersladen to talk about his current line of modules. He will be presenting his beautiful modules and talk about the ideas behind his most recent development – the Fumana. Frap Tools already created great eurorack cases, a line of expandable mixer modules, handy utility modules and a fascinating random module – the Sapel. Now they released their first sound manipulating module – and what a beast: The Fumana is one of the few filterbanks or vocoders available for eurorack and it might be the most advanced one. Event...

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Beginners Workshop. March 13th/6PM @ showroom

The Beginners Workshop for March 8th had to be rescheduled to 13th of March.   Hello modular newbies! March 13th/6PM, we will give a workshop for modular beginners in our once again expanded SchneidersLaden showroom. Our goal is that you can confidently make your own first patch afterwards and have a good time. And also meet likeminded people! Although we are nerds we won’t get too technical. Along the way Thomas & Miquel will show you basic patch techniques in modular synthesis, the workings of our showroom, as well as tell you some stories about the history of (modular) synths and the ever...

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