Author: Timm

NAMM 2018 – Pittsburgh Modular

Pittsburgh Modular came to the NAMM show with a huge (yet compact) surprise: A semi-modular desktop synthesizer named Microvolt 3900. Its concept is somewhat similar to the Make Noise 0-Coast, as it combines east coast and west coast philosophies. In detail, however, the two instruments differ significantly from each other. The Microvolt’s VCO generates four waveforms. Besides a saw-tooth and a pulse with variable width, there are two kinds of sine waves. One of them is editable via button. In detail, the negative half-wave can be inverted into the positive range. This results in a slightly richer and warmer...

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NAMM 2018 – Mordax

Mordax is developing a granular synthesis system called GXN. Audio material can be recorded directly via two inputs (L / R). Alternatively, it is possible to feed existing files to the module via a microSD card slot. The GXN works with a resolution of 32 Bit. In use, the NAMM prototype shined with thick, high-resolution sound. Several grain windows will be available in the final version. The playback range can be adjusted manually or synchronized to an external clock. Furthermore, there will be internal modulators as well as six CV connectors with routing options. For playing the GXN, there...

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NAMM 2018 – WMD

The WMD guys showed a new drum module called Fracture at the NAMM show 2018. First and foremost, it is meant to produce clap sounds. However, thanks to its multi particle synthesis, it can do much more. Fracture generates sound based on granulated recordings. – The final sample selection has yet to be made. Unlike the Chimera, which uses rather long audio snippets, single impulses are used in the new module. By grouping them, clap-like sounds can be achieved. Basic sound design is done by three potentiometers. One knob determines how many people are clapping. The second control element...

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NAMM 2018 – Touell Skouarn

Two new Touell Skouarn modules were introduced at the NAMM show 2018. Strakal Orsel is a tube distortion circuit with voltage controllable gain parameter. The sound character is angry. – No, wait… The sound character is brutal. – No, wait… What comes after brutal? Anyway, with feeding some rather boring drum sounds to the module, we created unbelievably harsh, screaming results. Afterwards, we transformed a softly played acoustic guitar into a wall of sound. In fact, some other exhibitors came to the Touell Skouarn table to check out what the f*ck we were doing. The module utilizes military grade...

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NAMM 2018 – Strymon Magneto

Strymon presented the final version of their first Eurorack module at the NAMM show 2018, a tape delay and spring reverb emulation called Magneto. The effects unit shines with clean, high-resolution sound. In addition, it is extremely flexible. At the input stage, signals can be adjusted in volume. High levels lead to crisp distortion. For determining the quality of the virtual tape, there are three parameters. Tape Age sets the bandwidth of the echo effects generated. Crinkle can add a good amount of crackles and dirt. Wow & Flutter introduces fluctuations to the tape run. With this knob set...

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