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P-A-T-C-H-I-N-G! a workshop with Jessica // January 25th/ 6PM

Hello modular fans and users! January 25th/ 6PM, we’re holding the first P-A-T-C-H-I-N-G! workshop of 2018 – a workshop about the early modular systems in our beloved and once again rearranged SchneidersLaden showroom. Jessica will show you some of the early west-coast synthesizer designs that are coming back to the market right now. Catalyst Audio cloned the early Buchla 100 Series modules and Serge worked together with Random*Source to bring classic Serge designs to eurorack. These and other modules that are based on these early designs will be covered in this workshop. Don’t miss this special opportunity to learn something...

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Without NAMM it wouldn’t be January

We will be at NAMM in Anaheim, California next week. We hope to find new instruments, modules and effect units for you. Keep an eye on Stromkult to get updates about our findings! A lot of new products from all the different categories have already been leaked or teased, we will tell you about our impression as soon as we get our hands on the new things. The NAMM Show, returns to Anaheim, California January 25-28, 2018. The NAMM Show will be hosted in the newly-expanded Anaheim Convention Center in 2018 and will offer a wide range of all...

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Video: The SOOPERtalk 2 @SUPERBOOTH17

This is the panel discussion from day 2 at SUPERBOOTH17, it features some very special guests, Andi & Hannes Teichmann, Holly Herndon, Alissa DeRubeis, Alec Empire and the moderator of the evening Jens Uthoff. This SOOPERtalk was about the motivation to make music and it is trying to find out why people are becoming musicians, although this is no easy way to live your life. On one side electronic music and club culture are mainstream – their identity-establishing media channels are in the hands of global energy drink and telecommunications companies and DJ’s and festivals are multi-million dollar business....

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What about … Multi Effect Modules for Eurorack

Effect units are as common in recording studios and on stages as instruments are. Usually there are specialist units that excel at one specific task and multi effects units that are capable of providing several effects. These units often combine reverb, delay and technically related effects like chorus and flanger. In eurorack it is also possible to find these versatile digital effects units that open up new dimensions of sound – because you can control them with CV, other than their predecessor. But why are there (mostly) the same few effects in most units? Why is it harder to...

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Basic Electricity – With Mark Verbos and Perpetual Ash

February 9 – A Simple Obsession The 25th edition of basic electricity seems to be a special one: Mark Verbos and Perpetual Ash will be performing. Both beeing experts on the subject of traditional 60s and 70s westcoast synthesis and for transforming it into exciting and expressive new art. From the Basic Electricity website: Mark Verbos makes music and modules. After 20 years of producing and performing in some of the most significant venues around the world, the former Buchla tech set up his own synthesizer company, Verbos Electronics. Mark Verbos is known for his unique live sets, which...

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