Author: Timm

Workshop: NOV 23rd / 6pm >>>P-A-T-C-H-I-N-G: with TOBI NEUMANN & FADI<<<

Hello Patch-People, Synthesizer-Enthusiasts, Newbies and Hardcore Modular-Addicts! Well… rumour has it that upon acquiring a modular system you won’t finish a track. ever! anymore!! Our guests for the upcoming event are the living examples that this is not the case:-) We are very honoured to welcome Tobi Neumann and Fadi this Thursday, Nov. 23rd / 6PM! Tobi Neumann’s career spans 2 decades as DJ and producer for labels like Cocoon, Playhouse and artists like Miss Kittin, Chicks on Speed and 2Raumwohnung. He is also what one could call an early adaptor of Eurorack and a longtime and cherished customer of our...

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Schneider TM and Herr Schneider @Schneidersbuero talking about SUPERBOOTH17

Schneider TM is an experimental solo project by Dirk Dresselhaus dedicated to electric and electronic music. He used to play and sing in indie rock/noiserock and pop bands. From 1997 onwards Schneider TM became more involved in electronic music and started the project Schneider TM, with which he was responsible for some experimental electro-freakpop albums and indie hits. Schneider TM is one of the inventors of the music genre Indietronic or Indietronica. He likes to play with field recordings and once had an uncanny but ultimately good encounter with an F16 jet. He is currently working on a project...

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Modular Synthesizer Workshop at We Make Waves

The modular synthesizer workshop at We Make Waves, Berlin-based festival and conference made for women, trans and non-binary people was very well attended and all participants were incredibly eager to learn. Many of them were long-time musicians – from singers to techno producers. They were very interested and took an active part in the workshop, so many questions were asked and answered. In the beginning Jessica and Jackie from SchneidersLaden introduced themselves and talked a bit about their passion for modular and their general background. Afterwards all participants were asked to come close to the modular to learn something...

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What about… CV processing?

Using and working with control voltage (CV) in your modular synthesizer is essential, but often people tend to focus more on audio signals and audio effects. However there is a lot that can be done with CV signals to widen the potential of your modular synthesizer. Here, we are talking about some utility modules for processing CV signals. Some are offering more basic functions, but with a nice twist, like the Livestock Electronics Felix and Doepfer Precision Adder. Others are feature packed CV-super-tools or bring new ways of mangling CV in eurorack to the table. Doepfer A-185-2 Precision Adder...

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Amsterdam Dance Event ADE – 2017

Amsterdam Damce Event is a big event – really big… This year, in the 22nd edition there were with 395,000 visitors a new record. ADE is the leading electronic music platform and the biggest club festival in the world for the whole spectrum of electronic sub-genres. Not everything happens in one place, of course. More or less the whole (inner) city of Amsterdam was turned into the festival ground, eye-catching banners with the ADE logo in black and yellow point the way to events and locations. These events can be anything, from parties at night to talks, exhibitions, perfomances...

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