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Doepfer A-100 goes Vintage

The most popular Doepfer A-100 modules are being released in a Vintage Edition, having a black anodized faceplate with black legending and old-school knobs that have been custom-made for Doepfer. Constantly new ones are added to the line but so far following modules are in stock at Schneiders Laden: A-110-1 Standard VCO A-110-2 Basic VCO A-114 Dual Ring Mod A-118 Noise / Random A-138a Linear Mixer A-147-2 VC DLFO A-148 Dual Sample & Hold A-160-5 Clock Multiplier / Ratcheting A-180-2 Multiples 2HP EDIT: new ones came in on April 19th: A-112 Sampler A-140 ADSR Envelope A-155 Sequencer and A-154 Sequencer Controller The A-188-1 BBD...

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Dave Smith keyboards for low buck!

Schneidersladen was able to get some Dave Smith Instruments units which the manufacturer displayed at Superbooth. You have the possibility to purchase these almost as-new trade show demos for a very attractive price (at least 200€ less than street price but we can negotiate) directly in our showroom in Berlin only. Feel free to drop by our shop to get them while stock lasts. Available are: Sequential Prophet 6 keyboard OB-6 keyboard Pro-2 keyboard Tempest drum machine As this is an in-store only deal, there will be no mail-order, no shipment, only pick up on location. Again: only as long as stock lasts. Be...

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Synthesis Technology on the way

Good news from Synthesis Technology: Not less than 30kg of modules are en route to SchneidersLaden since yesterday: Finally we will receive the first shipment of the E950 Circuit Bent VCO, few modules are still available so hurry up if you want one. What else: Lots of E350 Morphing Terrariums and  E440 VCFs some E102 Quad Shifters, E355 Dual LFOs and E580 Mini-Delays few E340 Cloud Generators and E560 Deflector...

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Two Voice Pro is ready

This massive stack of boxes in the picture is the long-awaited next delivery of Oberheim Two Voice Pro synthesizers which we are very much loking forward to receive in the next couple of days. Each of these babies has been hand-calibrated by Mr. Tom Oberheim...

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Finally back in stock at Schneiders

Yo, time for an update regarding products which have been out of stock for a while or are so popular that they sold out quickly. Most products have been completely reserved for a longer time but just to let you know^^ Cwejman: Good news: The MX-4S, BLD, FSH-1 and DMF-2 just were delivered today. Bad News: Unfortunately Cwejman had to rise prices due to the higher US-Dollar exchange rate making electronic components pricey. The Harvestman sent a couple of modules as well, some Polivoks stuff as well as the Double Andore Mk2.  Too bad the Stillson Hammer Mk2 was not included – be patient, please. Then we also received goods from Mannequins and Grendel‘s Drone Commander 2 Eurorack module plus a few expanders – all of these are available from...

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