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Tonight: Analog Synth Jam at Schneidersladen! – Including live stream!

Tonight, the Red Bull Music Academy and Schneidersladen will present an outstanding analog synth jam session! Musician, DJ and co-founder of the Leisure System label, Sam Barker, as well as Miquel, Franz and Jessica from our store, will perform an improvised 90 minutes modular live set. – It’ll be a blast! Join us via the Red Bull live stream! The show starts at 8 pm!...

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Superbooth17 – Doepfer

  In addition to the modules A-135-4A/B VC Performance Mixer and A-135-4C VCPM Quad Envelope Follower, which became available a few days ago, Dieter Doepfer showed several fresh ideas at Superbooth17. First in line is the A-111-4 Quad VCO, which is composed of four oscillators emitting triangle, saw and pulse waves. Each audio generator features a tune potentiometer with variable range, a CV connector plus attenuator for FM and PWM as well as a hard / soft sync input. As with the A-111-1 High-End-VCO, the quad oscillator is playable over a range of ten octaves. Additionally, Doepfer also presented...

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Superbooth17 – Digitana Electronics

  Digitana Electronics started out with producing interfaces and expansion units for the classic EMS synthesizers Synthi A, AKS and VCS3. At Superbooth17, the company presented its first stand-alone instrument, the SX-1. It was derived from the Digitana Synthi AKS KS Expander and developed in collaboration with The Future Sound of London. The synthesizer features two analog VCOs, slew limiter and octave shift sections, a sample and hold LFO plus dual AD envelope based VCAs. Furthermore, the unit contains two 4-pole resonant filters, a voltage controlled slope generator as well as echo and distortion effects. Furthermore, Digitana showed an...

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Superbooth17 – Curetronic

Matthias Schmidt a.k.a. Curetronic will release his first stand-alone instrument soon. The Specht (German word for woodpecker) is a semi-modular synthesizer specialized in drum sounds. It comes equipped with an oscillator generating sine and square waves, a noise source plus a VCA. On the modulator side, there are pitch and volume envelopes as well as a LFO. Thanks to the semi-modular layout and thought-through routing options, it is not only possible to create kicks and snares, but a multitude of other drum and percussion elements as well. For instance, the LFO can be fed to the VCA for generating...

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Superbooth17 – Sonic Potions

Moiré features two digital oscillators based on sine cores. Audio material can be processed via saw and rectangle shapers as well as a wave folder. Each oscillator is able to modulate the phase of the other instance for Yamaha-style FM synthesis.   Manifold is a delay and reverb processor, featuring a wide range of algorithms, extensive editing options and sync functions. The module works with a resolution of 16 Bit and 48 kHz. When synchronized to an oscillator, it is possible to create Karplus Strong effects. Manifold comes equipped with the following algorithms: Basic delay Granular pitch shifting delay...

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