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Superbooth 17 – Kids playing live friday 21th

Kids playing live on modulars w Gammon  –  Friday 21.04.2017 (12:20 pm – 12:40 pm) at the Audit –   This workshop explains the way of getting musically interesting sounds from simple electronic oscillations like sine or saw waves and how to play live electronic music. A modular synthesizer is built from almost independent building blocks on which the participants will be working in small groups. This way they will be directly involved in forming the sounds and responsible for the individual expression of the sounds. The workshop provides basic knowledge in a straight and “hands-on” process. The results of this process are the basis for a composition that will be played...

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Superbooth 17 – SOOPERboot Boat tour thursday 20th

Schneidersladen presents:  SOOPERboot Enjoy your return from Superbooth on a shuttle boat with a drink in your hand and shake to some funky afroan’odd-beats from The EVEN, the ODD & the UGLY on thursday evening  20.04.2017 at 9:30 pm – 10:50 pm  &   00:30 am – 01:50am tickets & reservations (limited) only at schneidersladen ...

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Superbooth 2017 – Workshops on Friday the 21th

Build your own Unit  at Supertooth 17  –  There will be 3 diffrent Workshops (DIY –  A/B/C)  on Friday Morning at 11 am DIY A Oscillosaurus Passive Modules DIY Workshop Build an Oscillosaurus Massive Passive and the brand new Oscillosaurus Crosscaler & Take home two handy 2HP utilities. DIY B Bela Embedded Platform DIY Workshop Building instruments with the Bela ultra low latency embedded audio platform. DIY C LeafAudio DroneSynth DIY Workshop DroneSynth is a 4 OSC Synth with Filter & VCA. Good DIY project for...

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Schneidersladen Opening Times during Superbooth

HI FOLKS – Superbooth is coming very soon & of course we will be there as well – making Workshops , collecting news and infos , meeting Manufacturers & Friends, playing concerts and and and …. so we will be quite “superbusy “. Which means .. on Thursday 20th & Friday 21th of April  we are only in the Shop from 10am til Midday 1 PM (10- 13 Uhr)-  and the Showroom  will be closed  completly. Cause lots of the equipment and manpower will be needed at the Superbooth. Of course we try our best to fulfill all your orders, phonecalls and mails during this time and – if you need to pick up stuff, we will be here for you til 1 pm – but please be patient with us, if it takes a bit longer those days. We hope to see you at the booth and for all who can’t come to berlin, we wish a superb...

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