Month: January 2017

Namm 17 – WMD

WMD shows five new modules and a geiger counter pro pedal at NAMM 2017: Arpitecht is a well equipped quantizer and arpeggiator, which allows the user to quickly select and edit scales, add slides, configure rhythms and a good deal more. Up to seven octaves (-1 to +5) can be employed to create intoxicating melodies. Thanks to a multitude of CV inputs it is possible to create continuously varying results in no time. For playing chords, WMD invented the Triad. This module generates three note values out of one incoming pitch signal. Users can not only choose the triad used, but also the inversion. Modulations of both parameters are possible as well. The Overseer is a stereo VCF based on the designs of DJ filters. Compared to the circuits of well-known mixer manufacturers, WMD’s module sounds a lot more beefy while retaining the basic character. On top of that, the functional range was broadened to make the Overseer a flexible tool for sound design. Another stereo tool from WMD is the MSCL, a punchy compressor / limiter with editable ratio, threshold, attack, release and gain parameters as well as a side chain input. Last but not least, WMD built a dual LFO module called Modbox with phase and skew options plus noise as well as sample & hold outputs. The new Geiger Counter Pro Pedal has now over 700...

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Namm 17 – kenton electronics

The smart gentleman from wimbleton, well known for his early midi inventions, John Price alias Kenton Electronics brought two new Boxes on his Namm stand: The  Merge 8 is a bigger midi merger to combine 8 diffrent midi sources into one output. the Merge 8 will extend the merge family being the big brother of the merge 4. Pro CV to Midi – is a high Resoultion advanced CV to Midi converter – with lots of additional functions and the typical easy to use Parameter editing. Both Units should be out this Spring and will be shown at superbooth 2017 as...

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Namm 17 – 1010 Music

Aaron Higgins from 1010 Music showed up with two new module prototypes at Namm and also announced that there will be a new update for their BITBOX sampler coming soon – which comes up with a very usefull splicing function. The first Module  will be the FXBOX like the name says it contains up to 16 Effects , like reverb / chorus / distortion andandand  – which can be modulated  and sequenced with a stepseguencer up to 32 steps long , and really nice …. the fx can be played simultansimultaneiously. The Module should come out in march 2017 and the price will be probaply around 600$. 2nd Module will be the SYNTHBOX – a digitale polyphone Synthesizer – which will have on boards effects like Chorus / Reverb & Delay and of course modulation possibilties. The synthbox should come out in sommer – price wise it should be like the...

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Namm 17 – Vermona

Thomas Haller from Vermona presents a multitude of new modules at the NAMM show. First of all, there is the Twin CV Filter, a combination of two multimode circuits with switches for high pass, band pass and low pass operation. They can be used in serial, parallel or individually. Other features include adjustable gain sections with overdrive capabilities, CV inputs with attenuators and more. Additionally, Vermona developed an expander, which adds separate outputs for all filter characteristics plus a normally not usable notch mode to the Twin CV Filter. Furthermore, the extension module contains polarizers. Another new release is the Unicycle oscillator. It features three fixed waveforms (sine, triangle, saw) plus three alterable waves (pulse, odd / even, mutable sawtooth.) Besides tuning capabilities the VCO offers features like hard and soft sync or linear and exponential inputs. With the Random Rhythm, Vermona also designed a module that generates gate signals by chance. – Well, not exactly, as it is possible to adjust the probability with which its four channels (1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/3) emit voltages. Offbeat and dice functions allow further variations. Using its clock input, the Random Rhythm can be synchronized to external equipment. Vermonas fourth module is the Quadropol, a four channel polarizer with CV inputs and mixing functions. All mentioned products will become available this year at Schneidersladen. As if that weren’t enough, the lads from...

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