Month: January 2017

Namm 17 – qubit

Qu-Bit Electronics prepared four fresh products for the NAMM show. Tone is composed of four -24 dB multimode filters, each comes with low pass and band pass outputs. High resonance values make the circuits self-oscillate. By feeding a pitch CV signal to the control voltage inputs of the filters, they can be played tonally correct over a range of about four octaves. The second new module, called Contour, features four AD envelopes with linear or logarithmic shaped curves. Two or more of the modulators can be chained together. Loop functions make it possible to use the circuits as LFOs with cycle times between five milliseconds and 20 seconds. CV inputs allow to modulate attack and decay lengths. Chance is a random module with smooth, discrete (stepped), wavetable and blend outputs. The ladder combine sine, saw and triangle waves to generate signals. Furthermore, there are connectors for tapping off clock, gate and rhythm signals as well as white and digital noise. By employing the Chance’s buttons, potentiometers and control voltage inputs, the user can quickly edit, sync and randomly vary the results of the module. Last but not least, Qu-Bit showed the Mixology at NAMM, a four channel mixing module with send (post fader), pan, solo, mute and level controls plus stereo master...

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Namm – 17 delphtronics

Delptronics presented some hot, new modules at the NAMM show. PitchMan is a small, yet powerful sequencer and arpeggiator. It features configurable jacks, knobs with variable range, editable sequence order and length as well as quantization and transposition options. Thanks to the PitchMan’s plain layout with lots of LEDs and no menus, creating melodies is easy as pie. The second new module is called WheelMan. It is a dual sequential voltage processor with two 8-step outputs and a 16-step output. Utilizing the module’s knobs, signals can be amplified, attenuated and inverted. Input A is normalized to 5 V, input B is normalized to instance A. WheelMan can be chained (and slaved) to the PitchMan. Also a little spring module – a co-operation with elctrofaustus the Blackfly EF110m to create springsounds or use it as a voltage generator for levels or envelopes etc – very...

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Namm 17 – Synthrotek & Divison 6

Synthrotek (Steve) & Division 6 (Scott) had a joint stand at the NAMM show. Optical highlight was a case with integrated speakers and a screen made of an old piece of medical equipment. Unfortunately, it won’t go into batch production. But don’t be sad, there’s lots of other cool stuff that will become available in a few months.   The Division 6 – Dual Business Card Sequencer, for instance, combines two composition tools with up to 16 steps. It emits CV, gate and accent signals, clock and XP connectors make it possible to synchronize the two units with each other as well as other equipment.Filtare SEIII is a multimode filter with low pass, band pass and high pass outputs. Additionally, there is a notch output with variable low and high pass portions. Synthrotek showed the Roboto, a sound manipulation tool based on old voice transformer chips. It is not only meant for vocals, but other audio material as well. The results range from metallic to extremely scruffy. Another new module is the Verb, an effects processor based on several PT2199 chips. It offers thick, atmospheric reverbs with a touch of digital vintage feeling. With the Space Drum Synthesizer, Model DS-C-II, Synthrotek is also preparing a new, standalone drone...

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NAMM 17 .. OVER ..

so .. lets make europe even greater then, .. or what was it all about? NAMM 2017 is over now, there is still plenty of news to be released here so stay tuned, please. We all will hopefully meet again on the upcoming SUPERBOOTH17 in april at FEZ-Berlin to see how great the USA became in between. I wish us all the best not just for this but first of all lets try even harder to keep some peace in the world here and...

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