Month: March 2016

SchneidersLaden: special office hours during Superbooth16

Schneidersladen office hours during SUPERBOOTH: Thursday, March 31st  &  Friday, April 1st the SchneidersLaden store will be only open from 10am – 1pm  (10-13 Uhr) after that we’ll move to the Funkhaus for supporting the  SUPERBOOTH THE SHOWROOM WILL BE CLOSED  and there will be no phone- or mail-support after 1 o’clock We hope for your...

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Workshop march 24th / 6pm: Open the gates to the fields of rhythm

#           With a modular synth you have the possibility to discard your piano roll grid and work out rhythms just like a sculptor. We show you ways of obtaining most astonishing rhythmical structures from just one clock source using: Clock dividers, clcock multipliers, trigger delays, logic modules, sample and hold and comparators.   Goodbye grid! Workshop starts at 6pm in our showroom (kotti above Kaisers). It is limited to 15 participants. Please notify Thomas for registration : tc@schneidersladen. Requires a bit of pre-knowloedge. But don t panic we ll help you out!...

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Synthesis Technology on the way

Good news from Synthesis Technology: Not less than 30kg of modules are en route to SchneidersLaden since yesterday: Finally we will receive the first shipment of the E950 Circuit Bent VCO, few modules are still available so hurry up if you want one. What else: Lots of E350 Morphing Terrariums and  E440 VCFs some E102 Quad Shifters, E355 Dual LFOs and E580 Mini-Delays few E340 Cloud Generators and E560 Deflector...

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