Month: December 2015

Amazona weiss Bescheid

Zum SUPERBOOTH gibt es jetzt einen kompetenten deutschen Bericht auf Amazona, zu dem “derJim” als alter Kenner der Materie “HerrSchneider” ordentlich ausgefragt hat und sich auch vor Ort nochmal alle Visionen hat erklären lassen. Zunächst nur in deutsch, aber vielleicht kann sich da mal jemand auch um ein spanisches Update kümmern? Danke Vielmals schon im...

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Beginner workshop Dez. 10th

Next thursday, November 10th, 6pm, we’re holding a workshop for modular beginners at our temporary showroom. Our product expert Thomas will share his knowledge with you and you can make your own first patch and have a good time. The workshop is limited to 12 people and will take two to three hours. To participate, please send your confimation to tc@schneidersladen directly now. – See you there! Please Note: the workshop takes place at Ritterstrasse 3 , here’s the link how to get there. and in the week afterwards we will have a workshop dealing with effectively integrating your modular with your DAW….having analog computers communicating with digital ones 🙂...

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Schneiders Laden updates

Wondering what’s new at Schneiders? Well, you got the questions, we got the answers: TipTop announced and already delivered their brand new fantastic effect cards for the Z-DSP: Time Fabric, a bunch of pitch shifting algorithms and Grain de Folie, a collection of granular processing. Too bad they are already sold out but we re-ordered a lot to fulfill the demand. Christmas is coming and what’s better for the holiday season than effects? Finally we got a bunch of ALM Busy Circuits’ four-operator FM module Akemie’s Castle. Also, regarding future products: We’re super happy to announce that we’ll have the fantastic, beautiful, syncable digital delay module Chronoblob from the new manufacturer Alright Devices soon. And Sputnik’s Multi-Touch Keyboard Controller looks very promising as well. We’re looking forward to get them in...

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