Month: November 2015

A-100 Zeichenmaschine

„Runtzen” (videolink) von Thomas Renert, ist Teil einer Reihe von Arbeiten, die das Doepfer-A-100 Modularsystem sowohl zur Klangproduktion als auch zur Erzeugung von Zeichnungen verwendet. Dabei wird die Spannung, die im Patch auch die Klangsynthese regelt, zur Steuerung von Motoren und Magneten benutzt, die eine mechanische Vorrichtung zur Bewegung eines Zeichenstifts kontrollieren. Mit den Mitteln von Feedback, Spannungssteuerungstechniken und Sampling wird eine permanent variierende, polyphone Struktur vieler, von einander abhängiger Stimmen aus synthetisiertem Material erzeugt. Die so entstehende Rhythmik und Gestik wird dabei sowohl klanglich als auch zeichnerisch umgesetzt.  “Das nennen wir mal Mixed Material...

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Tom Oberheim Picture

This picture has NOT been made by Jörg Stachoviak in Toms Garage in march 2014 as we found out now (11/2015): Sorry, it was shot by Tony Karavidas – a member of the Team around Dave Smith btw – who gave us the friendly permission to let it online, here – thank you! It is Tom Oberheim working on his famous TWOVOICE keyboard synth – as it seems he is still busy with that. We are waiting for many more units to come in...

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DIY Eurorack workshop @ C-Base Berlin Nov, 28th/29th

For all of you living in Berlin or close by: the øpen-hardware team ‘000’ are making their second DIY modular workshop in Berlin this weekend at the C-Base station available Rungestraße 20 (10179 Berlin, U8 Jannowitzbrücke). ‘000‘ is analogue distortion and percussion devices for both, stand-alone and eurorack format. Both days are independent so participants can choose when to join the workshop. If you can just attend for a few hours just write to them to adapt the workshop to your needs, Saturday or Sunday from 12h-19h/ noon til 7pm. The workshop will cover both theory and practice about analogue circuit design, percussion and noise. No previous experience in electronics is needed but interest and patience is mandatory. Workshop prices includes all materials, pcb, front panel, metal potentiometers, knobs and custom light buttons. For information and reserving your place to the workshop, please join in through their platform here: ...

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Workshop Thursday Nov 26th – percussion sounds Modular

Thursday the 26 th of November we do an ADVANCED WORKSHOP how to do percussive sounds with Modular in our new temporary Showroom at Ritterstrasse 3.(here the link how to get there ) – Bassdrum, snare, hihat, tom…you can use dedicated drum modules for these sounds OR you do it MODULAR using oscillators, filters, envelopes. in this workshop we will work TOGETHER on basic percussion patches going through the different techniques to obtain massive sounds never heard. everybody is invited to contribute his ideas! The workshop is limited to 15 people and will take two to three hours starting at 7 pm . To participate, please send your confimation to tc@schneidersladen directly now. – See you...

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BASIC ELECTRICITY CONCERT ON FRIDAY, 20 NOV. The best little modular improv night in town, Basic Electricity is back this Friday, 20th November, with John Chantler and Navs! Great venue, great sound, great beer, ok wine and great people, so come on up to Prenzlauer Berg!For more information and music, follow this link:        BE#18, 21:00, Friday, 20.11.15 – Kastanienallee 77 (Kino) – 10435 Berlin...

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