Month: October 2015

Restocked or new..

BACK IN STOCK at Ye Olde Synthesizer Shoppe alias SchneidersLaden this week are: The Acidlab Miami and the nice 12Bit delay OTO Bim from France. For you modular freaks we have: the outstanding Shared System by Make Noise Noise Engineering’s new popular Loquelic Iteritas digital VCO Some modules from The Harvestman himself, especially noteworthy is the Piston Honda Mk2. Waldorf’s Wavetable monster nf1, probably the heaviest module around. And don’t forget about the fantastic voltage controlled stereo mixer ProModular MIIIIX which is an alternative to the hard-to-get Cwejman MX4S. FRESH AND NEW in our shelves is the small, yet handy Make Noise LxD filter. Owners of the fancy Birdkids Bateleur VCO can enhance their baby with an...

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Ame Zek’s new album “Streams”

Our Friend Ame Zek has his new album “Streams” out. Ame Zek is a musician, composer and sound artist based in Berlin. His live performances in different constellations and his constant, research-driven process of making music steered him to the shores of microtonality and the abundant periphery of musicianship. Where music becomes sound ‒ that’s where Ame Zek forges his heavily saturated modulations and transformations. ‘S t r e a m s’ is his second full-length album, following Rostfrei LP (2014, Keep It Business). is it contemporary elctronic music …. or how to discripe it? ….Streams are randomizations of movements, tempos and directions. They provide backgrounds, channel influences and thus condition our existence. Vigilant harnessing of these forces is imperative as they gather more and more nuances of unpredictability in the urban digital world. These surges signify all types of flows in our contemporary virtual and natural surroundings which include information about our emotional, spiritual and intellectual vitality. Streams are now all around us for us to feel them, to be intrigued by them, and also to be mindful when letting ourselves become entangled in them.As musical ‘reactions’ and creations streams are direct response on intense personal experience of the binding power of morphing underwater currents and digital algorhytmic changes  of today in...

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SPECIAL WORKSHOP Oct 22nd: HOW DO YOU…? with DeWalta

Every 2nd Thursday of the month our regular beginners workshop will still be held, while NOW on every 4th thursday of the month we will either discuss advanced patch strategies or meet manufactures giving insights or artists telling us how hardware tools influenced their way of making music. To start this month we invite for a WORKSHOP with David Koch aka DeWalta on Oct 22nd. 7pm. in SchneidersLaden Showroom to ask .. HOW DO YOU…prepare for a live set, ..integrate external gear, ..programm your percussion, ..? Over the last years DeWalta collected an immense experience in playing live with his modular synthesizer which he will share with us that evening. Here is an impression of a live set by him teaming up with shannon ( Number of participants is limited to 15 guests. For your registration please confirm to Thomas via...

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Scan & Pan by Verbos

Verbos is now shipping their Scan& Pan module with tricky possibilities for your output VCA works in combination with tricky panorama possibilities. If there is nothing online about it yet, please find a preview movie from Musikmesse over here and still feel free to order from Berlin, we will have them these days and they are about to go online...

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Doepfer in Hungary

Our friend Bernhard Rasinger – alias BR-Laser – made it to the Budapest Music Expo last weekend to help promoting the idea of modular synthesis to the public in Hungary. He performed the big Doepfer modular synth case for visuals and sound at the same time and formed new dimensions with the possible heart of the A-124 Wasp-Filter, see yourselves over here in a little...

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