Month: June 2015

Getting started now!

On Friday this week (June, 19th) we will have a workshop for people interested in modular synthesis – and especially beginners that are on the verge of taking the plunge into the “modular world”. With the aid of the Doepfer eurorack starter system our product specialist Thomas K. will demonstrate basic patching ideas and going from there we will try to patch up the whole showroom into one jam session . The goal is not to present music theory but for you to experience the fun of successfully programming a modular synthesizer and to connect to other people.  The workshop will start at 6pm. Please send an email to as the workshop is limited to 10 people, thank you. 19. June 2015, 6pm @ SchneidersLaden, Am Kotti überm Kaisers,...

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Party King Hans is gone

The german king of easy listening James Last alias Hans (from Bremen) passed away in the age of 86 in Florida now. His most famous Vinyl (for me) called voodoo party is one of the favourites of my kids to dance around  nowadays. So the double base players are one less now.. MisterSchneider .. start your rehearsals...

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