Month: May 2015

Analogue Systems?

According to Mr. Bob Williams originally idea, his brand and product line – the integrator modular system a.k.a. analogue systems – will be sold in ready to go casings and wooden cabints again. They will come – just completely mounted up the way you want them – with a full five years warranty from now on. After having had too much trouble from circuitries damaged with wrong or misused connector cabels, with (others) power supplies that did not serve enough ampere for some of the high class functionalities, or selfmade casings, where the modules has been returned once they did not fit, taking this excellent products out of the mixed systems is indeed a bad decision for the idea of the common eurorack, but a good one for the position of analogue systems. The integrator system can be configurated on a comfortable modular planner and should be coming from the production to your retail store within a month now. For any kind of questions please get back to your modular stores over...

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Picking Pot at Kottbusser tor

Probably being too nervous (?) already looking forward to the first crop for a while (?) finally the Berlin Police decided to collect the little hanf plants from the middle of the kottbusser Tor today. Even after the plants was still very small they probably could have had a nice evening with officially roundabout 700 of them. Read their own press release on this here: Polizeibeamte in Kreuberg betätigten sich heute zwischenzeitlich als Gärtner. Ein Mitarbeiter der BSR hatte gegen 10.15 Uhr die Polizei zum U-Bahnhof Kottbusser Tor gerufen, nachdem er bei Reinigungsarbeiten zahlreiche kleine Pflänzchen entdeckt hatte, die ihm verdächtig vorkamen. Die alarmierten Ermittler bestätigten seinen Verdacht – es handelte sich um rund 700 kleine Cannabis Pflänzchen, die auf den Grünflächen am Kottbusser Tor wuchsen. Die Beamten entfernten die Pflanzen und stellten sie sicher. Die Kriminalpolizei ermittelt nun wegen des unerlaubten Anbaus von...

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Aether Acoustics exhibition

With the help of SchneidersLaden our friend Andreas Gerth of the band DRIFTMACHINE is presenting the soundinstallation Aether Acoustics at the exhibition The Mechanical Corps – On the trails of Jules Verne in Dortmund. 11. April 2015 – 12. Juli 2015 HMKV im Dortmunder U – Hoher Wall 15 See yourselves and listen to a self generating patch that emits amazing cascades of sounds, clusters and glissandi as well as droning, whirring pure tones that appear to come from another world. Hear some examples on Soundcloud here. Read the program and further informations here....

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Special edition Shared System

The shared system by Make Noise has been seen in our showroom for a few days, now .. but – we are very sorry – one of the clients forced us to sell it. So now, waiting list, .. tbc.. but .. The real one .. the shared system gold .. a special edition with an extra erbe verb with all front plates in gold on black only is available from stock as long as stock lasts .. now. To check this, please ask at the front desk, once you are in the Laden or make an appointment....

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