Month: August 2014

Macbeth Synthesizers..

In a nice chat on the phone Mr. Ken Macbeth confirmed today that his next future product – the elements – is becoming more concrete soon. He released a few videos on his Video-Channel showing him playing around and having much fun with the final prototype; First shipments should happen before christmas (!!). In his video collection I also found this long clip explaining the possibillities of a Micromac-D, but .. as an experienced keyboard player he is explaining his performance in a way that even if you dont wish to buy it – watch it to learn more about the possibilities and sounds of such an analogue synth in general, thank you...

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Snazzy FX on a podcast

Danny Snazelle is one of the american eurorack inventors that showed up as Snazzy FX a few years ago already. In the beginning I did not take his brand too serious because his products was a bit too digital for my personal taste and packed as quite unhandy stompbox FX units. In between he “repacked” his products as A-100 compatible modules and added some new ones. On NAMM he gave me a video update of his products and – probably even better to get an impression – he now made a podcast about his passion over here. The modules are mostly available now selling at Schneidersladen,...

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Große Kritik am CETA (= Handelsabkommen zwischen der EU und Kanada) betrifft das Recht für internationale Konzerne, auch Staaten wie Kanada oder Deutschland auf entgangenen Gewinn durch gesetzliche Regelungen verklagen zu können. So verlangt aufgrund ähnlicher Vereinbarungen in der EU z.B. Vattenfall (Schweden) von Deutschland 3,7 Milliarden Euro Schadensersatz für den (angebahnten) (bürgernah entschiedenen) Atomausstieg; Rekommunalisierungen von z.B. Wasserwerken zum öffentlichen Wohl werden damit undurchführbar und so weiter ..  CETA ist offensichtlich die diplomatisch eingefädelte Vorstufe vom TTIP (.. Abkommen zwischen den USA und der EU). Das Wohl der Bürger also würde kapitalen Interessen internationaler Konzerne unterliegen? Ich bin dagegen!  (gez....

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New Friends from China:

Already a few weeks ago Meng Qi from China was  introducing his Squishable Modular Synth Workstation in Schneidersladen. Product specialists Thomas and Carlo both was quite impressed by his ideas and innovations realized in this unit. Meng Qi wa talking about finishing some first models before the end of this year, were looking forward to get...

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