Month: May 2014

Tom Oberheim busy..

After not having heard a lot, Tom Oberheim now came back to us with a bunch of soon to ship SEM units that has been ordered for a while already. By accident some of us misunderstood it as shipped already and perhaps informed you a bit too early – if you are on the waiting list, the units will ship around the end of this month – meaning next two weeks! Apart from that, this is a good sign for those who still wait in patience for the twovoice he is working on. It could be coming, but .. please dont ask again, we will let you know about it asap – here –...

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affordable boomstars..

The Studio Electronics Boomstars are great analogue synthesizers. From our stock Berlin the model 4075 is nearly sold now and very soon available for their new price only, the brilliant moog, the 3003 and the wonderful SEM version – are still selling on their much lower old prices in Berlin at least  – the new one with a CS80 Filter will come this summer for 949 retail at least, so ..  – check them out now at Schneidersladen or Centralmusic to learn what you could have missed,...

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Americans Distribution..

As a few other americans also, studio electronics aka makers of big and good analogue synths could not trust the germans as their general european distribution so they now signed a new partner called msl pro from the uk for such. Cause the prices of their products will probably increase a bit, I thought to let you know that we still have boomstars in most versions at Schneidersladen.  Good...

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