Month: January 2014


On this years NAMM the Buchla producing company BEMI introduced their vision for an interface to control the parameters on your music easle from any Ipad. The first problem still is the missing Music Easles where they had major problems with the keyboard controllers to get them out. Very slowly they now get backorders done shipping the units handselected one by one. Then there will probably be a gap before this interface will be available working fine with all the versions of this outstanding unit later on, we will see and stay hot for our own backorder hopefully coming in soon – wating in...

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This years Namm was really an outstanding familar feeling and one of the nicest meetings I ever had there – with most of the modular nerds from down to Hall E. I am  looking forward to return hopefully next year and will upload a few more videos now showing a bit of it. There are a few left to do and I hope you like em. The Tiptop audio guys was missing unfortunately at the Jaegerhaus, so heres a pic of them. See you again soon and warm regards from...

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One 4 each finger!

Studio Electronics did announce the fifth model of their Boomstar-Series with a CS80-filter now! The golden one will be coming somehow mid 2014  while the existing models 4075APR like, Oberheim SEM and the Ones with Moog Ladderfilter and TB303style are available and shipping in Europe and the US at least from stock now. On the NAMM Marc St. Regis, one of the brothers inventors alias Studio Electronics was demoing them all very good at the stand of Geoff Farr their US Distributor, There are three films on the web now with all the models in nearly the same (bad) situation but so you can compare a bit what its about with the different...

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