Month: November 2013

A dream of a keyboard..

For all people playing on keyboard or Violins of any size and sound the biggest invention of nowadays should have been the unbelievable Haken Continuum Fingerboard. In between the american three dimensional controller by Dr. Lippold Haken  has been copied in others variations but still nothing else is like this, no other midi controller can be so flexible and professional for sensible performances as you can see in this video. To edit the “3-dimensional”sounds easier, the Eagan Matrix has been expanded into Firmware Version 6 and an additional piece of hardware: the Continuum Eagan Matrix Expander – released right now. Were looking forward gettting a first one in for January...

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I dream of wires ..

As a DVD or BlueRay we have the nerdish documentation I dream of wires about all the modular geeks in the so called hardcore edition available from stock now: It is not just for synth fetish boys, there are brilliant introductions to our themes attractive and easy to understand for newbees of any kind and nice pictures of what could happen with peole that once “joined the club”. If you want to do so, please feel free to just order this 4 hours movie or go even deeper with some literature about modular that we have available from ths shop in berlin, the english stuff is not online btw. .. have a good weekend and enjoy your...

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The only black one..

The last of the few memotrons in black – as seen on Musikmesse – can now be checked at the new “flagshipstore” of just music in Berlin. There is still a few of the white ones available new if you understood the idea and like the instrument (?) as I do. Very soon also the rackversion will be coming from the production again if such a nice keyboard would be too much for...

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The Music Easel ..

The Music Easel as shown on Musikmesse by the official Buchla-distributor seems to be in production now, Schneidersladen is hoping to get their first (big?) batch of units soon, but we don’t know how long the lane has been before us so (??) ..There is no delivery dates nor any idea of .. – ..nowhere! Now the manufacturer offers direct sales from the states for attractive conditions, too but after we could imagine that service for these could be needed sooner or later we give it to your hands where to send your units to potentially later...

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