Month: October 2013


On Berlins 3rd edition of the festival for drum’n’bass, breakcore, experimental sounds and uncommon techno we will have our very last workshop this year on saturday, November 2nd with a few modular systems.  The Festival Burn the Machine will happen in the Subland, Lichtenberg and we will make it  in two parts, so .. if you want to go deeper into it, go there if you are...

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HerrSchneider on TV ..

.. has been seen as a little introduction to what we do over here in the more or less local program of the RBB last week. Here is the Link (only valid until oct. 30st) and btw .. if- then: I am not a  “Karl Lagerfeld of the Synthesizers” but worst case a “Claudio Schiffer” (?)!...

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The Music Easle!

As the biggest surprise of last years NAMM show the Buchla Company (now BEMI) released their plans to re-build the Music Easle. In their homeland USA they could sign around a 100 orders on the day of the release only (as they told themselves) later on they confirmed distributional agreements and collected orders and additional money from the rest of the world including europe. Our general distribution partner direclty ordered a bunch of units that has been preordered by clients in between, so these first ones are probably gone already. Because nobody knows, if and when the units will come, if they will work the way they should and how many pre-orders BEMI has on the list before us (and you), we should all together just go ahead wating in patience to talk further later on (?!). If you really want one (?), we strongly recommend you to either set an order with a partner that does not ask YOU for a prepayment (international orders usually ARE prepaid) or to order from a partner around the corner, that you can trust to return the prepayment even if the unit does (unexpectingly) not come before you decide to buy something else one day. .. so Schneidersladen is taking care for a list, but all incoming orders NOW will be forwarded not before we once had a first working unit from...

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Pittsburger Togo!

The compact Pittsburg System 1 has been a good idea for starters by that symphatic young manufacturer Richard Nicol from Pittsburg. Finally now – about a half a year later – they came in and invite you to add another small halfmodular synth (the synthblock) with midi and out and more in a modular case to your  synth park for camparable low money now. You can also add further modules of nearly any kind in such a compact case if you are ready to find your own wooden side panels or other solutions (as seen in the...

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