Month: September 2013

Moozak Vienna ..

This week HerrSChneider will take the Karussell to Vienna for their Moozak Festival to let you perform the modulars if you can be around. Our old officemate Robert Henke alias Monolake will be playing the support and perform the festival as a concert together with others. Were looking forward meeting you...

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.. for midified rock n rollers, there is a smart pedal on the market now: Koma RH301 is the perfect tool to control, shift and relate clocks in a modular system, combine it with other pedals or desktop things of any kind .. or whatever: Schneidersladen now has the very first one on demo one week before the official release, youre welcome to play and check it out...

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Chaos Computers Club

No, its not about the well known CCC, but there is another happy client now running a modular system including the Chaos Computer, a module by livewire. On his Blog “electricmusicfox” he released a feedback, review and a second try of a manual of this unfortunately very last work of our dear friend Mike Brown, who sadly passed away. So please read this to understand it better...

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