Month: July 2013

Special offers again ..

“on sale” products in Schneidersladen are up to date again now, the shop is getting a bit faster but we still work on it. If there are things to complain and good ideas please writ to shop@schneidersladen, for all inquiries about products and orders please get back to info@schneidersladen we will help you...

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We do not think that a mac is more than a moog, you will  confirm this in ten years lately, but a micromac is indeed more than a micromoog at least soundwise as you could understand right now if you compare them directly. The Micromac-D is now available for europewide the same price of 1999 only. If this is not shown on our website, yet its a mistake of the website, sorry. This Synth is...

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Webshop 2.5 Suisse & VAT

In our webshop we could correct the mistake having 19% VAT on orders from Suisse. in General please dont hesitate ordering even with such mistakes, we still double check every incoming order manually and personally to prevent mistakes, so dont worry about such. Still in progress is the change to be https for your safety, we work on it.  Thank you for your tips and patience, if you have more, please write to SHOP@schneidersladen, thank...

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