Month: May 2013

Synthieverleih Echoschall

Der Echoschall Verleih für Recording Equipment in Berlin verleiht ab sofort auch elektronische Musikinstrumente. Darunter befinden sich so Legenden wie Minimoog, Mono/Poly, Pro-One, Moog Rogue oder SH-101. Ein MIDI/CV-Interface kann dazu gemietet werden, auch Percussion Synthesizern wie die Pearl Syncussion oder Claps von Simmons und Electro-Harmonix gibts. Echoschall Verleih, Carsten Lohmann Tel.: 030-440 10...

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Expert Sleepers Workshop

In our Testsalon at Rough Trade East in London Andrew Ostler alias Expert Sleepers will present his range of Eurorack modules and associated software this Saturday June 1st. Os will let you control software with modular hardware and the other way round starting with simply replacing the traditional Midi/CV converter with a direct interface for deeper and more flexible control.  If you can be around, register your participation now on the RTE site to have a place, participation is limited to ten people or...

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Using Sensors to control music, lights or videos directly from your body is still quite en vogue. To buy readymade products is one way, but nowadays people built up their own hardware solution to perform, see OWOW from NL as a good example. The existing catalogue of (EOWave-) sensors is now selling out at Schneidersladen (50% off!) to find a good place in such systems, Good...

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Getting started ..

.. on a Buchla System needs some introduction and help mostly. Now Schneidersladen in Berlin installed a demosystem (see pic) to help you .. and finally to make it possible for you to buy your own (.. one day?). For appointments or any kind of questions please ask or send an email to Franz L in Berlin. If you have any queries or problems with your existing 200e systems or other buchla products, please get back to the official importer and distribution company Alex4 per email, probably Holger Zapf will help you as soon as...

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